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Quick Office? New on 2.2? Is it Free?Support

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  1. redgtconv

    redgtconv Well-Known Member

    Just noticed Quick office, is it free?

  2. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    What is it? i didn't sign up on the sign in screen.

    Well it showed what it is after I 'cancelled' out of signing in to it.

    Quickword, Quicksheet, Quickpoint, QuickPDF
  3. baberz

    baberz Well-Known Member

    Yea I have quick office too...It is like documents to go or something?
  4. T66T

    T66T Well-Known Member

  5. redgtconv

    redgtconv Well-Known Member

    Is it free?
  6. Billswood

    Billswood Well-Known Member

    I do believe so. I think it is $15 if you didn't get it with froyo and have to download it.
  7. KevTN

    KevTN Active Member

    Mine came free with the Froyo update. Looks pretty good!
  8. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    i also wonder if it is free. i skipped the registration and i got into the Word app but will it be like a 15 day trial and then lock up? or are they just being nice? i clicked on the link and the android app is supposed to be $10. why would they give it to DX froyo users for free?
  9. ekyle

    ekyle Well-Known Member

    I don't think that is a full version though. The complete Quick Office can sync with Google Docs and Dropbox. I think it runs for $10 in the marketplace. Either that or it is just a different suite.

    App Brain :: Quick Office
    Quick Office
  10. redgtconv

    redgtconv Well-Known Member

    Just used it, very good app for free!
  11. redgtconv

    redgtconv Well-Known Member

    Well, I registered and I am using it. There is no indication of any cost to us.
  12. andross77

    andross77 Well-Known Member

    yeah, i would like verification on this. i bought documents to go but it doesn't show up in 2.2. i don't care if i use D2G or QO but i just want one that has all the features.
  13. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Well-Known Member

    i just noticed that app lol what is it
  14. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    How funny that Document2Go just sent out an email about a special $9.99 promo to register their full version. Now I see why, competition :)

    BTW, for anybody who has full Documents2Go version, how does it compares to this QuickOffice free suite?
  15. ekyle

    ekyle Well-Known Member

    i flipped through the settings in the app preinstalled on 2.2 and didn't see it but it looks like the connect suite has it
  16. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser VIP Member

    Merged two very similar threads on the same topic. Let's keep discussion of the new Quickoffice in Froyo in this thread.

  17. Fedalius

    Fedalius Member

    I bought QO a day before the update and had both versions on my phone afterwards. Both worked. Now I'm trying to get my money back from my purchase. Did notice that the versions wee slightly different. The "free version is 3.3.49 Mot whereas my purchased version was 3.3.50 AM, presumabthe AM is fire android market and motorola. aybe moto gave it to us free bc they tool so long getting froyo out :)

    JJWSTAR Well-Known Member

    strange, but quickoffice wont open doc2go files. just give me an error message.
  19. Anemone

    Anemone Active Member

    QO came in very handy yesterday right before an exam i pulled up a word doc someone had sent me. I believe it can open powerpoints and excel documents as well..
  20. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    So what utility was the X using before the 2.2 update to view docs? I know I was able to open excel spreadsheets on my phone before, and when I went to open another yesterday, I was asked to register. Just figured it was a newer version of whatever I had before, so I did it w/o thinking too much. I didn't see a mention of cost, tho! If there is one, they would have to tell you up front, not hide it in the fine print. I hope!
  21. Fedalius

    Fedalius Member

    It was still QO, but it was read only version. If you wanted to edit had to but it in the market. That seems to have changed.
  22. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    Ahhhh! I can edit? Didn't think to try that. Nice.:D
  23. BRM10984

    BRM10984 Well-Known Member

    Slick. Now I can keep my fuel spreadsheet on the phone and update on the fly. No more piles of receipts in the console!
  24. ekyle

    ekyle Well-Known Member

    Just bought the $10 version. Anyone know how to add bullets into docs?
  25. bucky46

    bucky46 New Member

    "QuickOffice" is free on the Droid X with Froyo.
    If you want "QuickOffice Connect" it costs $10.

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