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  1. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    If I save my contacts onto my SD card, then do a factory reset, will that wipe my SD card or leave it untouched?

    Thanks in advance..

  2. papaandroid

    papaandroid Member

    I did a factory reset last week and it left the SD card alone but with all things concerning data, it is always best practice to perform a backup just in case.

    FYI, all of my contacts showed up afterwards but you will have to reinstall all of your third party apps so be prepared to spend some time installing and reconfiguring them.
  3. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    Ok great.. appreciate the fast reply..
  4. papaandroid

    papaandroid Member

    Not a problem, make sure that the contacts file is on the SD card, I use Astro File Explorer (free), not sure if they are saved there by default but you can export them from the contact listing on the phone to the card and then back up the card when you connect your phone to your computer, you will be able to view the card as an extra drive, copy paste contents to a folder and you're done.

    There might be another way to back up the card but that is what worked for me. The Backup Assistant seems more complicated and doing more than what I need.
  5. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Factory reset won't touch the card. And as long as your contacts are set up so they're synced to Google, you'll always get them back with no need to have anything saved to the card.
  6. RBEmerson

    RBEmerson Well-Known Member

    +1 - Factory Reset doesn't touch the SD. To feel even better about this, though, zip a copy of the full SD and store it on a laptop, etc. Ghost or a Ghost clone would be fine for this.
  7. Drunder40

    Drunder40 Well-Known Member

    Where on the SD card is the contacts file stored when one preforms an "Export" to the card? also, what is the file called.. I to use Astro..

  8. papaandroid

    papaandroid Member

    If you open your contact list, 'People', and then select Export, it will give you an option to Export to SD card. The file name shows as pcsc_pcsc.vcf.

    Someone mentioned it is backed up to Google. I have but don't use my gmail account so it isn't synced there.

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