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  1. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Okay, this will be the third TP I've installed CM9 on and yet I still have a questions! ;)

    Can I use a nightly build (cm-9-20120804-NIGHTLY-tenderloin) as the file to install? I think this is just a stupid question, but I've been using the same old alpha file each time, then updating.



  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Yes and no... :D

    You have to rename the nightly to add "update-" to the beginning of the name or the acme2 script won't find it. Compare with your old file if that sounds confusing.

    This works b/c it starts with our update-:

    Goo servers will be down this weekend to update hardware, in fact I can't pull up Goo.im right now. If you can't DL your nightly, you might have to install whatever you have on-hand. :D
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  3. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    ahhh! thank you! i already dl'ed the file, so all I'll have to do is rename it! Thanks again!
  4. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    By the way, the person that I'm doing this for has a friend selling an un-opened 32GB TP for $100. And yes, I'm buying it! So, it looks like I'll be doing this for a fourth time.
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  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I was considering selling mine for about that. (I paid about $250 for my 32gb.)
  6. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Oh, dear Lord - No, man! Are you that addicted to 7" tableting? :)
    Seriously - why? I mean, if/when the market can produce a viable alternative for this price point, why sell?
  7. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Oh, it worked! Thanks again! Another satisfied TP owner. This is getting easier. lol. I guess I should probably update mine, but it's running "butter" smooth as it is. I would like to get the 32GB version to have that extra storage though. And if you do decide to sell yours - though I wish you wouldn't - keep me in mind. I really like the TP. My brother uses an iPod 2nd gen every day and when he played with my TP (or as I call it - iPoor) he fell for it. He's looking for one on Craigslist as we speak! He lives in north Florida and he said he'd ship it up to me (WNC) if I'd install ICS on it. sheesh. I hate being the geek of the family. :)
  8. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I'm the geek in my family and the Android geek on the inlaw side (two other nephews are also IT). :D

    My 32 gb TP and my wife's 16 gb are almost a year old .

    Her's rarely gets used, primarily because smaller is better. Her 4" DroidX get used the most and she still loves her first tablet, a 7" Nook Color (but barely uses it since getting the DroidX). Being big and heavy, the 16 gb TP probably gets used the least.

    I've notice recently that my TP, which sits idle most of the time, loses about 4% battery overnight when it was powered off at 100%, which sounds to me like a battery issue, so it probably isn't worth buying. I spend most of the time on my laptop.

    I went thru this when I bought my TP, planning to sell my own Nook Color, but found out refurbs were selling for only $100. I'm more likely to buy a tablet for $100, then sell one for only $60 so I gave it to my sister-in-law who's helped us out a lot.
  9. wncken

    wncken Well-Known Member

    Well, my number one gripe with any portable electronics would be ease of battery swaps. I love my phone and use it a good solid 10 - 12 hours a day. I also have two batteries for it - and most often swap out around 6PM. I wish tablets were the same way, I really do. True, I can charge in the car and at home, but I've found that if I'm using GPS it won't charge - pulling too much power.

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