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  1. macrosat

    macrosat New Member

    I have U8650 with Android 2.3.5 Turkish Turkcell Rom.2.3.5 version of Android devices sold in Turkey quick settings in the taskbar. But this feature does not taiwan rom version. Where is this feature? How do I install this future in taiwan rom. :mad:

  2. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    If you could, upload the Turkcell rom to a third party site and link it here. I will download it and see what I can figure out. Huawei has the U.S. blocked from downloading roms from their site.

    Alternatively you could download and use one of the many CM7 roms available for the U8650 as they will have the notification widget by default. I am curious what you find best in the taiwan version or if it is simply a language thing.
  3. macrosat

    macrosat New Member

    Thank you Lebo. I will use CM7 ROM.
    rom link is: http://www.turkcell.com.tr/downloads/T20ROMNFC_22.11.11.zip
    there are two rom in this file. firmware directory is original huawei rom.
  4. Lebo

    Lebo Well-Known Member

    On a brick wall on this one. As I have a U8652 and not a U8650 I cannot get the turkcell rom to update (notification widget in update). Sorry, but a U8650 owner will have to proceed here. I can always suggest the Widgetzoid app.

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