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quick text for droid

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  1. Tc rocket

    Tc rocket New Member

    My old LG had the option when txting to insert quick txt. Is there an app to do that for the the droid

  2. brettlewis

    brettlewis Well-Known Member

    "SMS popup" has tons of text features, including quick reply.
  3. daddycat31

    daddycat31 Member

    Handcent also has quick text options.
  4. PsychoKlown

    PsychoKlown Member

    I 2nd "SMS Popup". It acts similar to my old WinMobile 6 SMS popup. Makes it super fast to reply, and you can add canned replies (things you say all the time).
  5. Tc rocket

    Tc rocket New Member

    Thank that works good for me....
  6. PsychoKlown

    PsychoKlown Member

    I changed my mind. Handcent is awesome!
  7. desmofan

    desmofan Well-Known Member

    I just installed Handcent, and I like the quicktext feature, although I don't see how I can create quicktext of my own. My biggest issue with Handcent though is that the voice texting does not work very well at all. I tried about a dozen sample texts, and not a single one made any sense at all the way Handcent interpreted them.
  8. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    handcent>menu>settings>quicktext settings>add
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  9. desmofan

    desmofan Well-Known Member

    Okay, now that's embarassing...lol

    I'll be using Handcent for texting, because of the quick text features, and I hope I get better at using the voice texting feature.
  10. chris1474

    chris1474 New Member

    I know I'm a little late but sms popup has a quick txt feature where you can add your own messages. I like sms popup better because of the popup, so I figured I would throw that out there.

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