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  1. finklemcgraw

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    Has anyone found a voice recorder that will automatically send the recorded file to, for example, a pre-defined e-mail address?

    I've tried a few sound recorder apps, but they all tend to require a rather cumbersome click-intensive process before the recording is actually sent.

    If there is no such app, maybe someone here could produce it?! :)

    Ideas usually pop into my mind when I'm in situations where taking written notes is just not convenient, hence my plead for said app. I'd also like not to have to remember to visit my recording app, which is why it would be nice if the recording would be delivered someplace that I will visit regularly anyway (e.g., my e-mail inbox).


  2. finklemcgraw

    finklemcgraw New Member

    Yay! I managed to find an app that is very close to what I was looking for:

    It is streamlined for recording a voice message and sending it automatically to a pre-set e-mail address with a minimum of clicks! Sweet!
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