Quickly Switching ROMs?

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    Oct 6, 2011
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    I'm just gonna get right down to it as many of those who browse this section are masters of the DX and whose time I try not to waste.

    In simplest, possibly a step by step method, how can I set up a system to hop between ROMs (or to have the option to) each re-boot? I'm currently running MIUI 1.10.7 (Shadowbuild).

    It only appears daunting to me because of the overwhelming number of ways to do it and the miscellaneous apps required: BootManager, Titanium Backup, ROM Manager, my SU permissions, the stock MIUI updater/backup option, Nandroid backups, etc. :eek: and :confused: for a relative novice.

    It would be nice to have the capability to update MIUI and install new ROMs as well. Currently I've only installed MIUI, but I want to try Apex, and possibly have the option for stock GB too.

    If anyone wants to give this a few minutes and write something up, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and for everything else I've required help with. You guys are all helpful and well-meaning.

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    I assume you are running .602 or .605. You should be able to follow the installation instructions for each rom you want to install and once you get it installed and all of your apps installed, then just make a nanadroid backup and name it something like 2011.11.24.Apex.1.1 This is so you will know when you made the backup and what it is. Do this for all of the roms you want to install and then all you have to do is reboot with Droid2 Bootstrapper and then install which backup you want. Remember, making and restoring backup's of MIUI (or 2 int roms) is a little different than other roms. 2 int rom's usually require you to do the nandroid backup through rom manager. I do this all the times and it works good.
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