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  1. ShlomoX

    ShlomoX Member

    Just a little something that maybe some folks would be interested in.

    In the notification shade, when you tap quickmemo, under the top row pen icon there's an arrow to raise and lower the top row icons. Tap the up arrow and four small triangles will appear in each corner of the screen.

    From here you can move the triangles where the shaded portion will not be captured and the bright portion will be captured in a screen shot. Then tap the down arrow top of the screen and then the disk save icon top right corner of the screen and voila...the highlighted portion of the screen is what will be captured. btw it seems to take me at least 5 taps to get the disk save icon to save the picture with red pen marks from my repeated tappings lol

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  2. eljefe0000

    eljefe0000 Well-Known Member

    this is nice when you only wanna show part of the screen instead of drawing over everything

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