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  1. R-droid

    R-droid Well-Known Member

    I'm new around here,I'm owner of the motorola milestone btw.

    I need some help with "trial" quickoffice,pre-installed on my milestone,as I can only view documents,not make or change them,and I also can't delete this pre-installed app.

    I think it's stoopid to have an app that you don't use on your mobile.

    -I would like to delete it ( if anyone knows how to do that ),plese tell me.


    -I would like to make it work fully for free (if there is any trick,or how to crack those apps,activate them or something).

    I wan't to activate it for free,because I can get another office for my mobile for free,but If I can get this one to work...

    If not,please just tell me how to get it off my phone.

    I await for answers...


  2. R-droid

    R-droid Well-Known Member

    There 's a pre-installed quickoffice on my milestone. Does anyone knows how to remove applications (pre-installed,too). I only know how to uninstall apps,that I installed via android market etc.
    Can anyone help?

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