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  1. dave27

    dave27 New Member

    hi guys hope someone can help.

    My aunt got a s4 mini and was wanting to use the qwerty keyboard so she could use smiley faces etc like i do on my s4.

    anyways I just cant get the qwerty keyboard to show,

    language and input > samsung keyboard settings > input languages

    it only shows

    o samsung keyboard

    o 3x4 keyboard


    now on my s4 it has qwerty and when i do a text and want to do smiley i just click on the smiley face icon next to Sym but on her s4 mini its just the setting key.

    Can anyone help and point me in the right direction >?

    much appreciate any help :)

  2. bob123

    bob123 Member

    Well I really do not know if android keyboards already have emojis installed by default on qwerty keyboard...
    There are chat apps that give you emojis like whatsapp or facebook by default.
    Also there apps that give you emojis but you have to download them from the Play Store :)
  3. gerenmoor

    gerenmoor Member

    Keyboard layouts don't seem to be very consistent, even on phones made by the same manufacturer, but here's how I do smileys on my S4 mini.

    To get to the smileys, press the "123 Sym" key which is next to the settings key. Once you press the "123 Sym", there is a key marked "1/3" which selects 3 different sets of characters, and the smileys are on the third one. Once you've picked a smiley, the "ABC" key gets you out of the symbols. I wondered why anyone would need a key marked "1/3" until I tried it myself.

    Hope this helps.
  4. jmikes

    jmikes New Member

    It works! Thanks.

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