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Qwest ISP forced migration Email problems on Android

  1. BOH

    BOH New Member

    Does anyone know how to solve this? I was recently forced to migrate my email from one Qwest (ISP) "system" to another. I've chaged ports and settings on my desktop and laptop with success, but they are not working on the Andoid phone (Motorola Click QT). I have spend 2 hours on help with Qwest (they don't support mobile) and T-mobile (they tried their best, but can only refer to the port settings given by Qwest). I cannot send/recieve messages on my phone now. At first I could recieve, without changing anything, but could not send. Now after 2 hours of tech support, I can't send OR recieve. Any other Qwest customers out there that have solved this problem and can tell me what settings to use? Thanks so much.

  2. BOH

    BOH New Member

    Ok, now I think I'm crazy....E-mail on Android working. Just fine. Ugggh! Thanks!

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