R-Box Rockchip 2918 Google TV

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  1. nero037

    nero037 New Member

    just give any number, not your own, i gave a fake number too!

  2. sstavross

    sstavross Member

    I gave a fake number and it asks for the code that they sent me in this fake number....
    So, nothing.....
  3. andre46

    andre46 New Member

  4. clamel

    clamel Member

    It is the same.. I also tried to upload maxqr7 firmware on my tvbox and it works.. but it is the same version of mine, with added maxq logo :)
  5. andre46

    andre46 New Member

  6. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    hello, i downloaded with nn attempts =)
    lf need download without enter number go depositfiles.com/en/files/bybfxhkab

    (file size 145.98, china date =) %13. %571 %2011)
  7. yric39

    yric39 Member

    There are two kinds of Rokchip 2918 tv box. One of them has two USB slots, another three USB. They have different firmwaes. Pls. keep in mind it.
    I have a device with two USB. It was bricked. I made it alive with help firmware from other site.
    Now I have a live device, but without sound and WiFi does not work. Any ideas?
    Sorry my english.
  8. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    tell me other site please =)
  9. yric39

    yric39 Member

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  10. yric39

    yric39 Member

    To all who has a problem with market:
    Firmware Update
    There is zip file on the bottom of the page. There are many usefull apk. aplications.Choose "1Mobile_market". Install it from SD card. It works without authorization. Go ahead!
  11. yric39

    yric39 Member

  12. rezzahuz

    rezzahuz New Member

    Need help from those who already owned this Android box. I just bought the exact same thing. My TV has no HDMI (old CRT TV), so I have to use the Component (YPbPr) connection, which my TV has. The cable supplied is the Yellow, Red and White that does not correspond to Red, Green and Blue of Component cable. Has anyone tried figuring out which color goes to which? I tried to interchange the connectors but so far no success.

    When the device has started, is there any indicator/light/LED to show that it is on? I saw a picture of a similar looking device that has the Android logo on top lighting up. Anyone has this?

    Does AV Out port beside the Network port able to output Audio and Video or just Audio with the cable provided? I suppose AV out means Audio Video out.

    Thanks for all your help
  13. r2arthur

    r2arthur Member

    I got this DX clone.

    I really need to find out how to play big files (like 10gb) mkv 1080.
    I have an external HD (500gb) and it only mounts if in fat32. I can't put large files into a fat32 HD. What is the solution you guys suggest?

    PS: What are the benefits of installing this new firmwire (maxq r7)? So far I just saw the smb server.
  14. clamel

    clamel Member

    Hello I have your same device. Mine can read ntfs formatted disk without any problem. I think also yours.. all our devices have the same firmware, the difference is in small customization of some vendors..
  15. r2arthur

    r2arthur Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    Weird. Mine couldn't read NTFS (I get an error on the task bar saying it could not be mounted - corrupted or something).

    From the Settings menu I get this info:
    Model Nr: TV-BOX
    Android Version: 2.3.1
    Kernel version:
    build number: rk29_gingerbread_v1.28_071

    Do you mind in checking if the version is the same?
  16. clamel

    clamel Member

    Are you sure the hard disk is ok? you can try to attach the HD to a windows pc and make a scandisk to fix possible errors..
    If it does not resolve, you can try to upgrade your firmware.. I have a similar version but differ from yours for:

    sdkDemo-eng 2.3.1 GINGERBREAD eng.hushishuai.20110922.120230 test-keys

    you can download maxr7 version and try, or I can give the link to my device firmware on my site:

    Creazione di una Custom Rom per dispositivi rk2918 (rooted) [clamel.netai.net]

    you have to download the link "U574R softwares in Italian.rar"

    You can change the langage to english after installation. Let me know :)
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  17. r2arthur

    r2arthur Member

    Thanks a lot Clamel. I will double check my hdd (its in fat32 now) re-formatting in ntfs and give a try.
    If it doesn't work I will try to use this custom rom :)
  18. clamel

    clamel Member

    you are welcome.. only a little notice: the link I gave you is not a custom rom.. This is the original firmware on my tvbox. In the article i start from it to obtain a custom ROM :)

    good luck :)
  19. r2arthur

    r2arthur Member

    It's working now clamel. I don't know what I did wrong (probably was using the wrong usb slot while trying to make it work with ntfs).

    You did the root right? Could you please share links or tutorials talking about how to root our device? I saw the link that you sent but my italian isn't that good :(
  20. clamel

    clamel Member

    I'm happy you solved your problem my friend.

    For rooting your device, try to use this automated translated page from my tutorial:

    Google Traduttore

    if you have any doubt don't hesitate to ask me :)
  21. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    how root this device without change image and update?

    z4root for android 2.2 and low devices
    GingerBreak not work for this device
  22. ronison

    ronison New Member

    My box not supports Live Wallpapers function. Is it a firmware limitation? Is possible to do something about?
  23. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    firmware limitation
    i don'w known resolve this future
  24. yric39

    yric39 Member

    If you can not use HDMI cable ( old TV or other reason ).
    Audio out cable - as usual.
    Video out cable - it is very difficult to find 3.5 mm. component video cable. In this case, take any 3.5 mm. component cable ( from video camera or other): red to red, white to blue, yellow to green. O.K. You are happy.
  25. yric39

    yric39 Member

    Sorry, I mean "any composit" cable.

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