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R-Box Rockchip 2918 Google TV

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  1. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    if my device model GV-2 this is compatible with maxq R7 firmware?
    all sellers say that GV-2 model not have firmware and support site =(

    in the box manual haven't: Upgrade the firmware via SD card

    PS. in the picture and the characteristics clone maxq r7

  2. yric39

    yric39 Member

    To evilzipic
    Give me more detail about your box. I think my castom firmware is for you. It was a long way for me to make a castom ROM. I tried many original firmwares till found I need.
    Sorry my english, I am from Russia.
  3. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    все нормально поддерживаем беседу на англицком =)

    i get 1080P Full HD Android 2.3 Network Media Player w/ 3 x USB/SD/HDMI/WiFi/LAN/YPbPr/AV-Out/Optical - Worldwide Free Shipping - DealExtreme

    in the spec says firmware included from 12.01.2012.
    rk29xxtools by clamel instructions ok rooting maxq firmware, but i not sure what this firmware compatible with my TV box (model GV-2)
  4. clamel

    clamel Member

    Hi friend,
    i saw from pictures, your box is the same of mine!! So you can use maxq r7 firmware.. I'm also working at my personal modded version of the firmware.. I will pubblish soon :)
  5. yric39

    yric39 Member

    Take Sysinfo.apk from market and you will see your "build" and FW. Then it will be possible to decide which one for you as a base fw - maxq r7 or my fw. I tried maxq r7. It does not work. My vendor fw roots only with clamel alternative tool.
  6. yric39

    yric39 Member

    There are two kind of MaxQ R7. One is with 2 USB, other with 3. They gave the fw only for last one and it is not sutable for the first..
    Is it your logo R-box or G-box?
  7. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    yes =) but i read in manual - upgrade via sd card and afraid that maxq fw will not work for me. And so far has not yet received my usb cable Am-Am.
    Tell me about personal modded version more information?

    i have with 3 usb ports.

    i photographed my android info screen


    (sorry i not find how create gallery how fist post this is theme)
  8. nelson1234

    nelson1234 New Member

    Thanks for in formations im glad and i will search for this.....
  9. clamel

    clamel Member

  10. yric39

    yric39 Member

    Thank you Clamel.
    I used your guide in italian some days ago to repack my Uniuga U574 fw for 2 USB ports box. I used alternative Tool software. This u574 fw is different from yours.
    Now Unuiga sells boxes on the same base U574 fw with Android 4.0. I shall try to get the fw some later.
  11. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    who known how upgrade via sd card? =)
  12. kwantlen

    kwantlen New Member

    I do not think you can do this as yet.

    Go to the MaxQ website and download their firmware update. It contains a utility to connect with the device USB port and then upgrade with clamelmod. It works very nicely and removes all the unnecessary clutter.


  13. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    if you read discusiion, you known what i not have cable (shipped to me, i wait)

    and you have GV-2???? why instructions has text = upgrade via sd card?
  14. kwantlen

    kwantlen New Member

    You can use any regular USB cable; must have two male ends.

    My model has 3 USB ports; it is GV-2.
  15. oznickr

    oznickr New Member

    You don't need to root to see files on your NAS. Use an app called Skifta. Unbelievable finds everything
  16. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    very nice if you have gv-2 and firmware maxq is worked!!! =)
  17. MAKU19

    MAKU19 Member

    Hi, have someone the manual for this TV box in e-form?
  18. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    yes, a i have in microsoft word in english and china language, later you get link
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  19. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

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  20. MAKU19

    MAKU19 Member

    :D Thank for manuals, unfortunately the English is very brief comparing to the Chinese manual (7 ps instead 21 p). ;)
  21. evilzipik

    evilzipik Active Member

    Unfortunately we do not understand Chinese =)
  22. freddy59175

    freddy59175 Member

  23. clamel

    clamel Member

    The box seems to be the same, but I think the one with opengl interface has the new ICS firmware.. I ask for it to my seller, but they told me it will be available in 2 months..
  24. laziod

    laziod Active Member

    Hi I have the samw box but it has 4 usb ports. im looking to find bluetooth dongle support and where to find firmware updates. Any chance of ICS on this? There making tabs and phones with this chip set that have ICS. Thanks in advance.
  25. Ayer4y3r

    Ayer4y3r New Member

    hi, my device is dead. If you can do is reset but will not start.
    Neither I can connect the PC. Does anyone know how to load firmware from
    an SD?

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