R cannot be resolved to a variable

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  1. aliblu

    aliblu Member

    My DroidAvtivity.Java file started with this error..."R cannot be resolved to a variable"...if you could please tell me what happened to my file?

  2. dimiter

    dimiter Active Member

    Try Project->Clean. Also sure, what variable is declarated (ex. , if it's view id, check existence this id in xml)

    If project get start, and error go down the drain, it's eclipse feature.
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  3. aliblu

    aliblu Member

    Thank you brah
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member


    Project > clean is like the ultimate first line of defense in all things weird with eclipse. :)
  5. aliblu

    aliblu Member

    Hmmm so Project > Clean does not seem to be holding up... Any other suggestions?
  6. danBuonocore

    danBuonocore New Member

    I have tried Project > Clean numerous times and it still has not resolved the issue. Other sites have said to reinstall the .android folder, remove the import R line, change the target of the run/debug for the project, turn automatic rebuild off, delete and recreate all AVDs, etc. but nothing has worked. Any ideas?
  7. israfelwater

    israfelwater New Member

    I hate this error, I have also had success with right click on project > android tools > fix project properties, but that is not work for me now. ahhhhh. I can't rebuild because my project has errors everywhere where I use R...
  8. israfelwater

    israfelwater New Member

    oh, nevermind, All I had to do was delete the line in the xml file which was throwing an error, save, and turn on automatic builds. Then the error went away and "/res" built properly under the "gen" dir.

    Odd, I commented out the line but the error wouldn't go away. I had to delete it...

    here is a helpful link for this error

    eclipse - R cannot be resolved - Android error - Stack Overflow
  9. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    If there are errors in ANY of your resources, whether it be xml syntax, illegal file names, etc.., the R.java file will not be generated.

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