[R910/R915] THE ODIN THREAD: Return to stock | Now with R915 files!

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  1. aaronandtammy7

    aaronandtammy7 Active Member

    no not yet. Not really sure what IRC is. Somewhat of a nube here.

  2. crienn

    crienn Active Member

    That sucks dude. I know the feeling I have a brick indulge as well, but the r910 model. Will keep u posted if i find a fix.
  3. tlc08071

    tlc08071 Member

    Hey all, I'm new on the site and been searching around for some things for my Samsung Indulge from Cricket. I should have went with the Metro's version of the phone beings it has alot more attention being brought to it for custom stuff for it as well as the fact Cricket is ass for not having 4g yet for as long as they been servicing costomers.
    Anyhow, I wanted to thank shatterproof and all involved in creating the 1 click root for the Indulge for Metro as well as for Cricket folks alike. I flashed it to my Cricket Indulge and it seems to be working great so far. I just wish there were more out there for the Cricket's Indulge but I will have to wait and keep searching around.
    I ran accross this post for Metro's Indulge and was wondering if the program everyone is talking about here would work with a Cricket Indulge or not? Just incase I get into trouble and need to flash back to stock rom. My next question is there a stock rom out there I could download for the R915 Cricket phone in case I need to revert back to it? I, like the dumb ass I am forgot to make a back up of my stock rom before flashing the 1 click root to my phone so now i'm on the hunt to find a stock cricket rom incase I need to flash back to it in the future.
    As long as I don't end up with an expensive paper weight, I am willing to work with the dev's using my Cricket Indulge to help create and test custom stuff on my phone. It gives me opportunity to learn what I don't know (which is alot) about the phone and how to create custom roms and apps for it. It also gives the dev's a chance to know whats needed to make things work on Crickets Indulge as well as help others with this phone to be able to enjoy its unexplored wonders while owning the phone.
    Well, with all that said I think I rambled on enough. I would also like to thank Android Forums for us being able to be a part of the forums as well weather it be for fixing someones phone or whatever, to creating something for them. Thank you all,
  4. tlc08071

    tlc08071 Member

    I forgot to ask something in my last post and sorry if this question is out of forum topic, but how do I take a screen shot with my phone? Is there an app I need or something? I've been searching everywhere for the answer with no luck.
    I have seen things for the R910 phone for taking screen shots but not sure if its the same process for all the phones, or if it is different depending on the phone you have. I know The only difference with the R910 and R915 are the 4g vs only 3g for Us Sorry ass Cricket customers.
  5. aaronandtammy7

    aaronandtammy7 Active Member

    nevermind. my bad
  6. aaronandtammy7

    aaronandtammy7 Active Member

    Did you see where I was able to get past the looping force close issue?
  7. Sieva

    Sieva New Member

    Just putting a note in here for other cricket R915 users, if you haven't already read this elsewhere,

    Do NOT flash ANYTHING to your 915 unless it explicitly says it's for 915! As of 8/14/11, the only thing currently tested as working is the AIO root method.

    I just worked for a couple hours with DRockstar in the IRC to fix my R915 after borking it from trying to flash exodusROM-R910, which stalled at the file system mounting stage...(just like k0nane said it would... derp.)

    LUCKILY DRock had a copy of the R915 file system, kernel, and recovery from an AIO-rooted backup, which we pushed to the device through Heimdall suite 1.1.1 with the proper Heimdall drivers. This got us to CWM recovery, where i could flash my just-after-root Nandroid backup.... So, w00t, Heimdall works for the 915....

    but these R915 files are not yet posted to the forum, so it's pure luck if you'll be able to catch one of the devs in IRC to get it. I'm not going to assume co-ownership of the ones he gave me and upload them here, I'll leave that to the devs. Do NOT try to use the files above to unroot. They'll flash the MetroPCS radio, which will render your device useless for any phone functionality.

    Use the AIO process instead, but this time use selection '2:Remove Root and CWM' from the command line interface. I cannot guarantee that this method will be Cricket-warranty proof, as I'm not the AIO dev [DRockstar] ... though he said it probably will (again, no guarantees.)

    k0nane and the other devv's will hopefully have some R915 ports coming our way soon. Patience and thoroughness alone will keep your sanity.

    Sry to be long winded, I'm just trying to save some of the other Cricket n00bs time and energy.
  8. Yawa

    Yawa Well-Known Member

    I seem to only be able to boot into manual mod after a bad (stupid) kernel flash. Thats all that happens. I've tried Odin, and I've tried Hemidall. I did not repartition. But I do need some help here. Any ideas? Is there a way to flash Clockwork Mod Using Hemidal or am I bricked?
  9. calbha

    calbha Member

    i also found i didn't read through the entire post before doing things and am now stuck in a loop as well and am really screwed till someone would be ever so kind enough to put a .tar of all the files needed to use odin to flash my phone back to stock, of a cricket r915.
  10. TRS-80

    TRS-80 Well-Known Member

    I just came from IRC and apparently DRockstar (God bless him!) has put together a working .pit, etc. for Odin for the 915. He said he will post these later. In the meantime, DO NOT use the 910 files to try and Odin the 915!!! They have different mount points, etc. and you will mess up your phone bigtime!
  11. jjames991079

    jjames991079 New Member

    Can anyone find me a way to revert my soft bricked samsung epic back to stock? I tried odin and all i ever get is fails. i try a million different files and they all end up failing. I dont know if im not doing something right or if my phones just useless. But i had the same issue with my last epic. I cant keep paying 35$ to sprint for a new (refurbished) phone either. this one randomly froze and i was told flashing the stock .md5 file might fix that. now im stuck with a bricked phone... :confused:
  12. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    I'm not even sure how you ended up here...

    Click here
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  13. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    he googled your name :p
  14. billb23ok

    billb23ok Member

    just wanted to say thanks for stock files. and that my r910 lost 4g after installing basix.6 and hasn't been connecting to 4g or 1x on boot or reboot. 1x will work after i put the phone in airplane mode and then turning airplane mode off. i used the first set of tar files. i am going to try the next set.

    anyway i just wanted to say that this process works on a rooted device if you follow the instructions exactly as posted

    note: the picture of odin should also show the tar files under pda so their is no other misleading info.
  15. billb23ok

    billb23ok Member

    ok so i want to thank kO for all of this but after installing the 500mb tar files i still have no 4g or 1x at boot. this is because its not wiping all data. we need something that will wipe prl data as well as baseband and lte info from the device. my prl is 03020 lte unknown and should have returned to 03019 but it didn't so it didn't truly restore the device. so we are still not sure if lte is getting fried or if some hidden setting is being change but not reset. like i said airplane mode shouldn't make difference.
    i love basix and i want to put it on my reman device when i get it. but i don't want to take a risk of having this same issue.
  16. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    4G and Basix are not connected. The issue with 4G is usually from Metro's update - go to Settings > About Phone and check your baseband versions. If LTE says "Unknown", you're one of those lucky update recipients. Wipe data, flash to stock, and exchange your device.

    I'd like to say we could help - and it would actually be quite trivial if we had a TAR from Samsung containing lte_modem.bin and modem.bin. Unfortunately, we do not, and we cannot dump either one.
  17. billb23ok

    billb23ok Member

    Cool so I am getting the new phone on Monday. Is their any way to back up the modum so I can post a fresh version of it as all other post regarding this seem to have failed links. Also is their anyway I can help with this? Or maybe clone the intire device and save the files to my computer. Sorry if I seem a little new at this but I would really like to help.
    corprate said the phone will come with all updates and services pre installed can I safely use basix with that phone?
  18. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    You can. As far as backing up the modem, that's not possible. If it were, we'd not be here right now. ;)
  19. driodnub

    driodnub New Member

    I was able to reboot to stock some what successfully, and for that thank you. My only problem is that the phone will not connect the metro pcs mobile network. Every time I go to make a call it tells me I am in airplane and to turn it off to make a call. When I turn it off it automatically turns itself back on and will let me connect or make any calls. Also the phone turns off and on on its own randomly? Any suggestion should I repeat the prcoess? Is this common? Thank you!

    Metro PCS Samsung Indugle
  20. raguilera510

    raguilera510 Member

    Okay. I am really confused. since yesterday i have yet to be able to sync my google acct to my indulge. I tried ODIN back to stock and it STILL didnt let me sign into my google acct. This started with trying to switch from basix to exodus rom. I have ONE backup of basix rom and my account is synced. can ANYBODY help me with this? PLEASE exodus rom is the BEST i've tried and i cant even use it to its full potential!!!
  21. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Wipe data from recovery. Odin does not touch data.
  22. Mejinomaru

    Mejinomaru Active Member

    if i were to factory reset my phone will it unroot it or do I have to unroot it first and then factory reset??
  23. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    Using Odin will give you a completely stock phone.
  24. ku55bo55

    ku55bo55 Member

    i did everything perfect and everything was good but i dnt got 4g anymore???????
    how can i get it back?
  25. k0nane

    k0nane Well-Known Member Developer

    From the home screen, to to Settings > About Phone. If your LTE baseband version is Unknown, wipe data and exchange it under warranty at a Metro corporate store.

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