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[R915][ROM] Gingerbread R915

  1. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    Some backstory: Well we had a user come by in IRC (DrDunn858) and he said he found a link to a site with gingerbread for the Indulge. It gave a tar that was password protected and had what seemed to be gingerbread for the indulge cooked by someone. So him and Reaper_man were wondering what to do with the tar. Reaper_man did however find the password and suggest a retar of it. When I came in I suggested that they try an Odin.

    And we can confirm that this is gingerbread. Or someone is playing a very very mean trick on us. The reason it doesn't look 100% stock is because our tester didn't clear any data after installing it.

    The build date is from around September.

    Now here are some answers to questions you are going to have;

    Will this work for my metro phone?; Nope, well that is a lie. PlayfulGod has stated that he might be able to get this onto the 910. So just wait please. CRICKET SAMSUNG GALAXY INDULGES ONLY AT THE MOMENT!!

    Anyways, Thanks for your support as always and have a great day guys!

    READ:And With that, we are suspending this for a while. It has only worked on one phone 2 guinea pigs...err testers were not able to get this on their phone. And our very own playfulgod has a brick because of this. Sorry to get your hopes up for nothing. But this did work on one phone so I do think that this is legit.

    READ 2: Well I fixed the error and can now say that this is a final release! Just follow the instructions below. A zip you can flash in CWM and a Root Script will be coming soon. I'm releasing the tar because I think its unfair to have you guys wait for the other things when we are sitting on a perfectly good Gingerbread!


    [Yes this guide was stolen from the one shabbypenguin wrote, but sharing is caring right? ;)]
    Download and use this version of Odin 1.61:

    Get the Tar here:

    Set up the software:
    Extract the odin-pit.zip
    Run Odin3+v1.61.exe
    Make auto-reboot box is checked:
    Click PIT and select the acs-indulge.pit that you extracted previously.
    Click PDA and select the tar you downloaded

    Put your phone in Download Mode:
    Make sure the USB cord is unplugged
    Remove the battery
    Reinsert your battery
    Hold down the "volume down" key
    While holding the "volume down" hold down the power button.
    The phone should now be displaying a Yellow Triangle with Downloading
    Plug the phone into Computer
    Under ID:COM, the box should turn yellow and contain the com port.
    Odin should now look like this:

    Now you should be able to click Start.
    Your phone should auto-reboot when finished and should be on gingerbread!



    You can find me in IRC at, irc.irondust.net #indulge :)

  2. plasticarmyman

    plasticarmyman Well-Known Member

    wow...nice...this is awesome..
  3. DrDunn858

    DrDunn858 New Member

    And thus far, I am loving how it works.

  4. mikegLA

    mikegLA Well-Known Member

    Does this mean we might actually see cyanogenmod7 on the indulge???
  5. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    A lot more possible now than it was before.
  6. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    Yes, We are now allowing people to beta test this! Just come into IRC @ irc.irondust.net #indulge :)

    INSURGENCY Well-Known Member

    so this isnt for the metropcs indulge? only for cricket?
  8. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled


    Sorry just wanted to stress that. :)
  9. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Correct, only for the cricket Indulge R915.... for now... hopefully between myself n the other indulge devs we may be able to port it to the R910.

    but def will help with the CM7 port.

    Will also be a flashable zip, soon as I rewrite the updater-script so its correct.
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  10. traajik

    traajik Well-Known Member

  11. FusionNeo

    FusionNeo Member

    Wow, this is awesome. Happy that the Cricket users are finally being given a bone thrown at them. Can't wait to see this ported to the R910!

    Quick question: This isn't me asking if/when this will happen, merely a hypothetical. Because Gingerbread has successfully been ported to the Indulge and it helps with porting CM7, will this help or make it a possibility of having ICS/CM9 on this phone?
  12. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    Being realistic here, we will probably never get ICS. If we do it will be a broken hacked up version of it. Due to the fact that we only have source for froyo.
  13. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    And With that, we are suspending this for a while. It has only worked on one phone 2 guinea pigs...err testers were not able to get this on their phone. And our very own playfulgod has a brick because of this. Sorry to get your hopes up for nothing. But this did work on one phone so I do think that this is legit.
  14. Reaper man

    Reaper man Well-Known Member

    If I recall correctly, the trick was to NOT flash the modems, no?
  15. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Have you guys tried specifically flashing ONLY factory.rfs and kernel? (of course wiping cache and dalvik-cache) before rebooting... I have an R910, so I can't help otherwise.
  16. technoracoon

    technoracoon Member

    Actually, a guy installed it by using the leaked tar that we found. I think the problem was in the file that you packaged up ;)

    Anywho, I think it's safe to now reopen this up. Since two testers were able to get it installed. The 3rd is awaiting me to ping him on twitter.
  17. jchapel1

    jchapel1 Member

    I was able to root this with SuperOneClick

    1. Download SuperOneClickv2.2-ShortFuse
    2. Connect your phone to the computer. Be careful NOT to mount the SD card
    3. Go to the phone settings and enable USB debugging
    4. Now launch SuperOneClick.exe on your computer
    5. Click on Universal tab on screen.
    6. Next click the Root tab and wait for the process to finish.
    7. When all is finished, enjoy.
  18. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    there is an actual thread for rooting.
  19. jchapel1

    jchapel1 Member

  20. bigDasu83

    bigDasu83 Active Member

    i followed your instructions and my phone does not go into download mode it just reboots each time so what do i do? when is the clockwork mod recovery flash for this rom going to be available?
  21. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    Either should work.
  22. jchapel1

    jchapel1 Member

    AIO didn't work for me after the flash to gingerbread. Technoraccoon says a root script,and a zip for CWM are in the works.

    How's that mercury doing?
  23. jchapel1

    jchapel1 Member

    This can be tricky, it took me a while to get it down. Hold down the volume-down button and tap the power button. Keep holding down the volume-down button until you see the yellow download mode logo.

    It's seems to be easier to power off, pull the battery out, plug into usb and do the above.
  24. the258

    the258 Well-Known Member

    Weird, I figured it would work. CWM wont work for sure.
    then again it is GB and the SuperOneClick is now updated for ''all'' Samsung GB devices.

    Amazing. Minor bugs but nothing too serious that would make me complain to cricket or huawei. It lacks 1 or 2 things that were released under the Honor for ex. the DLNA. Definitely recommend to go see it in person at the closest Cricket store. Over all its probably the best phone i have ever had so far, now if it only had 4G....
  25. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Anyone know how to revive a dead indulge? As a result of testing a tar technoracoon made the one donated to the cause wont do jack, no lights no nadda, :(

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