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  1. lizgo

    lizgo Member

    When I listen to the radio it keeps scanning it will not stay on any channel. Same goes for music of what little music I have managed to download, it only plays a few seconds and jumps to the next song and sometimes it plays part of a song and FF to different parts of same song?:confused::confused::confused: I'm so unbelievably un-clued up on this phone which is my first Android :eek::eek::eek:

  2. Lmkt

    Lmkt Well-Known Member

    Does it happen when the phone is in your pocket and you're walking? If so, check if it is locked.
    Does it happen when the phone is just sitting on a table and not moving at all? It could come from a dysfunctioning trackpad which would be stuck on right or left for some reason.

    Perhaps someone will be of better help but these are just a couple things I thought of.
  3. Fergie100284

    Fergie100284 Active Member

    I have this exact same problem with, it will play about 2 tracks then skip intermitantly. It will buffer a song then skip to the next one, sometimes two or three times in a row.
    What's infuriating is it will even do this when connected to WiFi so it can't be a connection issue surely?
  4. lizgo

    lizgo Member

    Thanks, it does happen when Im running (thats why I bought this phone so I could listen to radio while out runnng). However I phoned 3 helpline this morning and after 25 mins of protracted discussions and me losing all my music and some contacts (my fault) I may have the problem resolved however I will know for definite when I go running tomorrow morning.
  5. Fergie100284

    Fergie100284 Active Member

    How did you resolve the problem?
  6. lizgo

    lizgo Member

    Still got this problem - anyone any ideas?
  7. lizgo

    lizgo Member

    I've resolved this by scanning and saving the station I want so that when I put the radio on I actually go ito a list of saved stations and search from there.
  8. Drbergie

    Drbergie New Member

    I solved this by plugging in headphones that have next/back controls on them pressing each once.

    I guess the phone misinterpreted noise on the line as a control command? Hope this helps.

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