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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by musicfreak69, Jun 20, 2012.

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    Jun 20, 2012
    Hi guys. I just got an LG Optimus Chat (LG C-555). I have to say I'm disappointed with the FM radio. I listen to it all the time and the last thing I used was a Zune and it was great. But I'm finding out with the phone the reception isn't as great as it cuts out here and there. Nothing major but I could do without the split second interruption.

    Also I find the volume is not high enough on the radio (media seems fine) compared to my Zune. And I find the volume on the alarm isn't great also. I sleep with ear plugs and was sleeping through the alarm. My old phone was very loud. I have just switched to a better ringtone though so we'll see.

    But I guess there's nothing I can do about the reception? No stereo function or anything lol! At first I thought maybe it was the ear buds but I don't think so. It seems to happen in certain spots when I walk by. Just hate it's so sensitive and picks up things. Was considering taking it back but wonder if this is how they are?

    And I have the volumes to a max so I guess I'm SOL on the volume thing too. Was expecting more from this phone.

    Would appreciate if anyone has any advice but feel I probably can't do much about either.


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    Welcome to AF. Hopefully you'll either find or get information on your device over @ your device's area of support.

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