Radioshack Warranty??

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  1. jeessiicaaa

    jeessiicaaa Active Member

    I got my Evo about 3 days after it was released. I purchased it at Radioshack. I also got the 2 year warranty for $100. Recently my phone started to crap out, so I took it to Radioshack and they tell me that with the warranty I have to still pay $100 for them to ship my phone to get fixed. So I refused to do that because I'd rather not spend that much money when I thought I wouldn't have to spend any at all, and then not have a phone for as long as it takes them! Has anyone tried anything else? I'm on Sprint. I don't know if I go and complain to Sprint if they would give me a new one? This is ridiculous! :(

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator


    what is ridiculous? did you read the warranty terms radioshack offered on any deductibles owed when you actually signed up for their insurance?

    did they change their terms since you purchased the handset and they did not alert you of any changes?

    with sprint insurance, you pay 7 dollars a month and if you need to get a replacement device, you do pay a deductible.

    due to high fraud on insured handsets through carriers, they have had to raise their prices and deductibles for smart/super phones over the years.

    complaining to sprint about your phone will not get you far.
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  3. slith003

    slith003 Active Member

    The radioshack brochure for the radioshack repair plan should have a phone #, you could try calling them and file a claim that way. what exactly is wrong with the phone? radioshack recently started selling repair plans with accidental damage.
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  4. MamaCatelin

    MamaCatelin Member

    I used to work for radioshack warranties just recently. First of all RS warranties aren't all they are made out to be if you are not on the pay by the month plan which means you pay about 8$ a month then you are not covered for any accidental, physical, or water damage. If there is any accidental damage your phone will not be replaced or repaired. Another thing is they require a 100$ DED up front but if it determined that your phone does not have any accidental damage you 100$ will be refunded back into your account. Even if you are on the month to month plan it does not cover lost or stolen items either. I worked for them for a little while and myself would never get on a radioshack warranty for those reasons alone. I am on a sprint monthly warranty plan and I love it. If your phone is having difficulties and you are sure that it is a manufacturer defect I would call the manufacturer of your phone and report your issue. If you are still under your first years MFG warranty then they should offer you a replacement DO NOT let them know you have any other warranty because OEMS want you to always contact your warranty provider first. If they do offer you a replacement I would call radioshack and cancel your warranty and also ask for your prorated refund. You should also contact your service provider and talk to them about the different warranties you can purchase if you are able to do so.
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  5. MamaCatelin

    MamaCatelin Member

    If the repair plan ( month to month plan) was purchased initially with your phone RS wont sell you the plan. Sucks :/
  6. grpweld

    grpweld Member

    When I bought the $100. 2 yr. phone replacement warantee. They told Me that even if I lost My phone that they would give Me full store credit for the entire price of the phone towards a new phone!

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