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    General Rage of Bahamut thread!

    What advices can you give? what are your best cards?

    For those who still aren't playing it,it's a battle card game ON ANDROID, where you do quests, help out your fellows, fight big bosses, trade, evolve and enhance cards.

    I'm simply so addicted to this game, i think all of you should try it.

    I can give you a referral code which will give you 100 000 gold and a rare card which will help you to advance faster and get an easier start.

    It takes a day to figure out everything, but the game is really great.

    Referral code( you're not obligated to put one, but it will help you, you have one chance to put it, and it's after the tutorial) : [Removed]

    My advices: it's best when you enhance the card after you got it to the final form (evolving it 4 times)
    I think raising the DEF is stupid, since attackers can only take your gold , and you can protect your treasures with magic circles.
    And you should be in a order since that makes finding fellows easier and you will get a lot of bonuses.

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  3. MishaMan

    MishaMan Member

    have not played it but I saw the video and I thought it was a good game ;)
  4. udhdi

    udhdi New Member

    great game

    use this referral code

    you get 100,000 rupies and rare Angelic Knight card

    try it out, join an order. from time to time there are special events in the game
  5. Besaw91

    Besaw91 New Member

    any body know where to find a High shaman mine is a level 29 not evolved yet atk is 4465 and def 4391
  6. chin6789

    chin6789 New Member

    looking for high/S rare demon race card and above, trading my 3rd form nobunaga for it. find me Hazelnut89 alwiz ready for trade.

    for newbies this game is just awesome.

    great trading card game. have fun playing it. u can get rare card even if u dont spend on real cash! try and if u like it after your tutorial just enter this code : lxd97305 for free 100k rupee and a rare card. then add me Hazelnut89 and i will give another rare card for ya.
    add through Mobage account ya.

    CODE : [Removed]
  7. brobben798

    brobben798 New Member

    Lvl 43 SSR Card carrying player lf new players to join my Order eXistence.
    Enter code : [Removed]
    After you finish your turtorial!
  8. party9000

    party9000 New Member

    Thank you, the game is great!!!
  9. party9000

    party9000 New Member

    And how do you get S rare and SS rare cards?
  10. fel2941

    fel2941 Active Member

    lv 28 demon player here

    What kinda stats does everyone have? atm im at 85 attack and 55 def and im having trouble beating = level players with more then like 60-70 def points usually.

    My attaack deck has 15k attack total

    Should i stop boosting my def and just focus 100% on attack? losing alot of money to def losses atm, i'm not winning my defense fights every
  11. party9000

    party9000 New Member

    I have been playing this game whole afternoon, it's so great
  12. udhdi

    udhdi New Member

    A new game is about to start so join an order.

    You get the best cards from these special event games, that is where you will find SR and SSR cards. Otherwise you need to buy the legends card pack. Or just get really lucky with the daily draw and points from supporting friends.

    remember to evolve your cards first before enhancing them. they will be much better in the long run if you do it in this order.

    put in my referral code at the end of the tutorial: [Removed]

    you'll get 100,000 rupies and a rare card
  13. party9000

    party9000 New Member

    Thanks for clarifying that :)
  14. I'm glad you like the game :)

    The game is really great people!
  15. well i am lvl 63, and i have 210 attack and 50 defense... i don't think defense matters a lot,if someone attacks me i attack him back!!!

    And my deck does about 60k damage, and i never spent a dime on the game
  16. mouschd

    mouschd Member

    i made same experiences as poster before. but u need alot of patience to enhace 8 cards 15 times to max, especially with sr/ssr cards ^^
  17. Gunslinger2009

    Gunslinger2009 New Member

    You would be correct about gains from using 8 enhanced 1st forms to evolve into your final 4th form. When I first started playing I decided to experiment using a low level card. I used Cu Sith. By evolving the 8 together into one and then enhancing, she maxed out at 1680 attack. By enhancing first at each level and then evolving, I ended up with an attack of 1924. A 14.5% gain.....
  18. It has no sense, because it is too hard to find that much S and SS rare cards, or high rare... for lower levels it is ok but for stronger ones it's quite impossible
  19. mouschd

    mouschd Member

    its possible with nobu/princess. there r alot of them ingame and with a little affort u can get all cards by urself. But i only enhace the cards before the last evolvement, that's the biggest effect on additional stats
  20. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy VIP Member

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  21. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

  22. Loxaerion

    Loxaerion Member

    I've recently taken to this game as well, but I'm relatively stuck at the moment. Right now, I am really disadvantaged against most other players when battling for treasures. I am curious how some people that are about my level (41) or close can have attack/defense ratings averaging 90 or so.

    With even my best cards right now, the highest I managed was a mere 67, with about 20k attack points and 19k defense points.

    I was thinking to evolve a Princess card to it's final form and enhancing it as much as possible. That plan isn't likely to work for some time, unfortunately, so... Any tips to help me?
  23. fel2941

    fel2941 Active Member

    Do you have your max amount of fellows Lox? you get 5 attribute points for each fellow you have, adds up quick
  24. Loxaerion

    Loxaerion Member

    I do have my maximum number of fellows. >.> And I have attack points way above the usual amount that I spend, at about 90 when I usually use only 67 or so. My attack power is usually 20k or so though, and I have two max enhanced cards in that deck. :\

    Was thinking of relying on cards with abilities, maybe a Princess, but I'm not sure how effective is that. Opinions?

    EDIT: On a side note, does anyone else have any problems with getting Blue treasures? Starting from the key series, I realize that getting Blue Keys/Medals/Tablets were almost impossible. It keeps telling me that no one has that treasure, and when someone does have it, it gets taken by another player before I can attack. I have the latest updated version of RoB and I've also cleared the data a few times now.
  25. Gunslinger2009

    Gunslinger2009 New Member

    Yes I have had issues aquiring all blue treasures from the key and beyond.

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