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  1. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    im surprised not many people is taking interest in this.

    greatest use to pass time during a boring lecture in college

  2. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Yes it does. But its by chances. Which mean that sometime all will activate their skill and some time it will not.
  3. y2trips

    y2trips Member

    I'm not going to quote the entire guide, but excellent job! I'm fairly new, and now i completely understand all of the questions i had.. mostly around enhancing/evolving.

    Your insight is very much appreciated.
  4. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    my order is The Alliance, and I started a blog for everyone to communicate better, but noone seemed to be to interested in it. Is that normal?
  5. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    if you want to make the best of your card, always max it out before enhancing. For example...if you have a bunch of princess's. max 2 princess out then evolve them. if you max out first, you keep 10% instead of 5%. THEN.....max out princess knight (evolved princess) and if you REALLY want to make the best of her.......max out 2 more princess's. Evolve the 2 princess's to make a princess knight (Evolved princess) THEN...max out THAT princess knight and THEN evolve it with your OTHER princess knight. And you then repeat the process for the next two evolves.

    As far as stats.....off and def. stats don't matter. but OVERALL stats and rarity DO matter. You will save money if you evolve normal cards into high normal cards before evolving. You can max their stats or w/e but that would take forever and i'm not sure if it would be worth it.
  6. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Thank you very much. :)


    Leegotti. regarding "my order is The Alliance, and I started a blog for everyone to communicate better, but noone seemed to be to interested in it. Is that normal?"
    I think its quite normal. Cause there isnt much to talk about the game unless its trading. Or if there is a war or event. Otherwise...I think it would be pretty much quite.
  7. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    It's a pretty fun TCG game, though I seem to have hit a wall sadly. Lvl 54 and everyone I'm up against is loaded with silver/gold cards. w/l ratio is at 0.4 with someone snatching my rupies away almost every hour. Never was lucky with card games but I'd like to keep trying..

    There's one battle stat I can't figure out and that is the "Order Join boost". I always see my opponent getting that bonus. Any idea what that is?
  8. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Order join boost is a boost given to you by join a order that has build a training ground, church etc

    An order is required to spend 1mil rupiees to build a structure (each) that will give man/god/demons a att/def bonus during battle.
  9. BirdSpirit

    BirdSpirit Member

    Got a question about enhancement. If I enhance a card with say, two Stage 1 Goblins, would it be the same as enhancing it with one Stage 2 Goblin?
  10. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Can i clarify something with you. Do you mean evolve? If that is what you mean. A stage one cannot evolve with its own kind that is higher stage then the current one you are trying to evolve.

    If its on enhancing. It doesn't matter if you use a stage 2 goblin or stage one as both give about the same exp rate to the card you are enhancing on. Except that stage 2 might give about 10~20% more exp. (Enhancing you can use any card, doesn't need to be the same card)
  11. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    Love this game. Quick questions. What's the highest skill level a card can have and what are the benefits?
  12. BirdSpirit

    BirdSpirit Member

    No I meant enhancing. So it would be better to use the two Goblin cards for enhancement separately instead of evolving them into stage two and then used for enhancing?

    And one more question: How do I level up the skills of a card?

    Normal - 20
    High Normal - 30
    Rare - 40
    High Rare - 50
    Super Rare - 60
    Super Super Rare - 70.
  13. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    No dude. Skills. Not enhancement levels. What is max ability level? Thats not the answer. Nor does it explain why my high ninja is more deadly with x levels of high jutsu. Why hasn't this been brought up yet!? All you wankers talk about is Ooooo i get a bonus 5% attack power if I spend a rediculousamount of time ****ing with ONE card. Get a life you ****ing nerds, and answer my question. Thankyou =^.^=
  14. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    I usually try to evolve them to max before using them as enhancers, depends on the card itself.
    I don't do it until the card being enhanced reaches lvl 15 or so, since it gets expensive to enhance per card and requires more/better cards.

    As for skill upgrades:

    You gotta enhance the card with a card that has a card skill for a small chance to lvl up the skill.
    Card being enhanced has a smaller chance depending on how rare it is.
    Card being used increases the chance depending on how rare it is.

    Been trying to do that with my siren but no luck, high normals give her a 12% chance, rares give a 20%, and this is with the current boost going on atm.

    Anyways, has anyone ever gotten a high rare or higher from friendship packs?
    Cause if not, Mobage must be making a ton of dosh from people buying legend packs.
  15. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    BirdSpirit. I made a mistake. You cant enhance card that has the same name together. Regarding whether you should enhance on first stage or second. The best is enhance at first stage. Max it and evolve and max enhance again and evolve.
    Obviously, BirdSpirit. That a higher stage will have higher stats gain. But in the end is the total that counts. So its best to max enhance and when you evolve you can retain 10 of its stats.

    And for MuckGuppy. I have not seen anyone maxing the skill level yet. Currently i can assure you that it can reach level 6. Its the highest i seen so far.
  16. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    I've pulled guenevere from a silver Coin pack, not a single S rare from 200+ bux spent :p typical
  17. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    Does anybody have a solid idea what levelling up the skills on a card improves, ie. Is it worth me mulching my rares on the ridiculous odds
  18. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    Heh, manage to win one fight and they take it personally: constantly assaulting you for the entire day.

    Wish there were more defensive demon cards. 25k is obviously too low for my level :/.
  19. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    I have made up a small graph of normal cards to use for enhancing. The only reason I personally would evolve a card to use as an enhancement is to save rupies ($). Here it is, feel free to add. I also colored a few things and made a list of which quest's provide the cards. the stuff in red is the missions to get the cards, and the number provided after the name is the TOTAL stats (offense and defense) of that card. So far I found that the best mission to get enhancement cards is 2-5, but let me know if you think differently. (A,B and C's represent next level of EVOLVEMENT)

    Mission/ GODS

    Jiao: a..2080 b..
    Unicorn; a.. b. 2094 c.
    4-2..Pixe; a..1270 b..
    2-3..3-1..4-4.. Fire Elemental: a..880 b..1146 c..1335
    2-5..2-2..4-1.. Angel: a..800 b. 1042 c. 1214 d. 1543
    2-4..Dryad; a. 760 b..990 c. 1154 d. 1466
    Elf Child; a..1080 b..

    Mission/ DEMONS

    Skeleton Fighter: a..2620 b..
    Lesser Daemon; a..2080 b..
    Lizardman; a..1770 b..
    3-2..4-2..4-4..Kid Vampire; a..1080 b..
    2-4..3-1..4-3 Skeleton; a.. 880 b..
    2-2.. 2-5.. 3-5..3-3.. 4-1..Cu sith; a 800 b…1042 c...1214 d..1543
    Ghost; a..770 b..840
    2-1..2-3.. 3-4..5-1.. Goblin; a..760 b.

    Mission/ MAN
    Ninja; a..2980 c..3874
    Warrior: a..2440 b..
    2-5..3-1..3-5..4-2..Young shaman; a..880 b..1144 c..1334 d...
    2-4..Knight; a..800 b..1042 c..
    Witchette; a..1440 b..1872
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  20. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    What do the a b and c's represent? Either way, keep it up!
  21. muckguppy

    muckguppy Member

    I will do a treasure Hunter guide too. To start with, the blue key has a chance of dropping on 11-2 and 12-5 respectively. You should have around a 1/5 chest drop chance of acquisition. Jiao doesn't appear for me before 16-5. First card with an ability drop is fairy at 16-2. I have silver blocks in quests before that so I may be wrong. After Tomorrows event finishes, I will burn potions on unlocking all quest blocks and give a full case study.
  22. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Regarding the treasure hunt. Its best to just steal it from people. Trust me. I can claim like 15+ treasures in one day from other people.
  23. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    Wait, blue treasures aren't displayed as possible rewards on the quest?
    That would be surprising.
  24. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    I personally have found that the best way to enhance is just to do 2-5 and then EVOLVE those cards (to save money) before enhancing them. Feel free to add me to your fellows, my user name is leegotti, and i usually show 'support' to the player on the 'HOME PAGE' with the most wins. Thank you
  25. Seems like a great game, I want a try.

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