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Rage of Bahamut - General Discussion

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  1. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    Well the easter event started. Good way to build up rupees.
    The hard part of this is that it seems to have been designed to shoehorn people into seizing treasures by only letting them find 1/3 of the treasures via quest. I only ever get the same two colors of each set so I'll probably have to try to battle all these people 5+ lvls higher than me with their SS rares ( this won't end well DX ).

    You should try to get past Quest 50, afterwards you'll get high normals and Angel Queens from chests!

  2. jryan00

    jryan00 New Member

    I'm trying to find out how to actually "complete" a treasure and claim the card. I finally have all 6 rings (after losing over a dozen to attacks) and just want to complete the freaking thing, but there is no option to complete and claim the card. Does anyone know how to do this?
  3. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    Go to menu -> treasurers, and then find the treasurer you complete. There should be a claim card button.
  4. jryan00

    jryan00 New Member

    Yeah, thats the problem, I don't have a claim card button. When I go to treasures it shows the ring, says 6/6 and complete, but when I click the ring it just says 0 remaining to complete this set and shows the card, but there is no claim card button :( Playing on a Droid Razr Maxx... anyone else seen this issue?
  5. same issue here. seemed to show the button a couple of days ago but now.
  6. Ahmahl Kotay

    Ahmahl Kotay New Member

    I'm having the same issue as well. A quick Google search has found one or two people asking this question for nearly a week now.
  7. louisa9

    louisa9 Member

    [FONT=&quot]I played this game really its awesome. [/FONT]
  8. jryan00

    jryan00 New Member

    Hmm, sounds like a bug on the game side then, so at least I'm not alone. Incidentally I've also found that I can no longer change which ally is helping in a boss battle either. The option to change ally is there, but it never actually lets me select a stronger ally etc.
  9. mdevine911

    mdevine911 New Member

    I invited my fiance via the referral code but we can't find eachother using the "user search" any help?
  10. mdevine911

    mdevine911 New Member

    I am dealing with same issue now, did u ever resolve it?
  11. WickedReward

    WickedReward New Member

    I am having the same problem. I am unable to claim cards for complete treasure sets. Has anyone resolved this yet? Thanks!
  12. timicky

    timicky Member

    Cant claim ring reward either which is strange as was able to get the 3 easter treasure reward cards.

    New to game but am enjoying it majorly, found this :-

    www gamefaqs com/android/667064-rage-of-bahamut/wiki/3-1-card-list

    (Anti Spam wont let me post it as a link >.<)

    Have been updating it as I have been playing the game (gives me something to do while waiting for stamina to recharge :p) and if anyone else wants to add to it feel free. I only been using the figures from the games archives as enhancement seems to vary and one persons lvl 20 cards stats will not be the same as anothers.

    Wondering if I should add a "Found" section, any thoughts?
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  13. Bidnode

    Bidnode Member

    Maybe the easter event is causing a bug so people can't claim their normal treasures?

    At least it seems that way considering that these issues showed up around the start of the event. They also changed some other things like the enhancing messages and such.

    I'll have to try to get that elusive blue tablet to see this for myself :/.
  14. jryan00

    jryan00 New Member

    Nope, still having the same issue. No help from the creator's either.
  15. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    its probably a bug due to the easter event. but you should focus on playing easter event and getting those prizes and cards. They are quite a bit better and more valuable than the ones in the normal stages at the same level. The only thing is that you don't get is attribute upgrades for completing those levels.
  16. I have a question. How do some people have a couple or more of same bunny card? I thought it was only given upon completion of an easter treasure set, and you can only complete a set just once. Am I wrong somewhere? How do they acquire more than one? I really would like to get 4 of a same bunny to max evolve it. Help needed and appreciated. Thank you.
  17. timicky

    timicky Member

    I have had people try trade me for mine, prob got them that way. some nice cards to be had in the easter event, working on second evolution of the shooter lady and third evolution of the pegasus, making for a nice att/def :)
  18. bigdogdan2

    bigdogdan2 Active Member

    Yep, go out and trade someone. There should be a lot floating around since everyone has 1. Funny to call it a high rare, but it does have good stats.
  19. timicky

    timicky Member

    lol and if anyone wants to trade their Bunny Lilith Limil for an Angel Bunny and a [Holy Beast] Pegasus Atk 3552 Def 3950 Pwr 13 then send it ingame to timicky

    *EDIT* Pegasus card is fully evolved and enhanced to level 11.
  20. Asking continued. No, I don't think they acquired multiple of same bunnies through trading. One of my order mates told me he got um from quest or treasure boxes, whatever he meant actually. He didn't sound like he got them through trading at all. I wonder if he bought them through card packs or there is some other way of acquring more than one bunny of same type. Anyone know anything about it? Enlighten me. please.
  21. Bijstandmoeder

    Bijstandmoeder New Member

    Hey guys, quick question for you ... I have an fully maxed angel bunny ... now I started to enhance it but somehow the first time I enhanced it it lowered in attack ? I was like wtf .... It suddenly had 800 attack damage left... my question is how is it possible my card got lowered through enhancement? Or is it normal for this card?
  22. Consension

    Consension New Member

    They've announced that the attack/defense stats of the bunny cards have been bugged, since the beginning of the event. They stated that the stats will be lowered/raised according to what they were originally meant to be, by the end of the event.
  23. timicky

    timicky Member

    Anybody else's bunny cards been maxed to lvl 50 and the PWR requirement been reduced in half? happened after this mornings maintenance so not sure if designers had this planned. makes me wish i hadnt evolved my lilith bunny card as two of them maxed would have been good for my attack deck. suppose having a 7k attack card is good for boss fights tho.

    Jae I have had one rare card drop from a chest in the bunny event while killing enemies, its possible the bunny cards also drop from them in the higher area chests.
  24. leegotti

    leegotti Member

    go to the 'home' page. scroll all the way down and 'support' whoever the attack leader is. Then have your fiance do the same thing and find YOU on HIS page in the 'support' section. I do it all the time. Then you can trade.
  25. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Regarding the Easter event...
    Firstly there is a bug with the bunny from treasure. So there is a maintainence but it was delayed but 2 hours. So the GMs decide to max enhance all the rabbits we receive. (From event not trade)
    Ok, what i mention above is fix. (please read their notes at home page, press home at the top middle of your screen.)

    Secondly, now there is a second bug. Where you cant sized event treasure from others. (the treasure with a plus in the name).

    Thirdly, you can get rabbits from other player via trading.

    Lastly, the highest stage you can make by yourself (the rabbits) is 3rd stage. There is 6 types of treasure you can collect in the event. First three event treasure is stage one rabbit of each realm. While the second three is stage two rabbit of each realm.

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