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  1. Griffs1999

    Griffs1999 Member

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    Love this game. Playing it all the time, so addictive. If anyone wants to try it, you can use this code "qef74038" for 100k rupies and a rare card. Just put in the code after the tutorial.

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  2. avovk

    avovk New Member


    after u complete tutorial u can enter 1 time a bonuscode for 100000 rupies and 1 rare card.

    plz use rhy35575; i get a nice card for it also and after u get u own referall code
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  3. udhdi

    udhdi New Member

    Great game. Post this code at the end of the tutorial and you'll get 100000 rupies and a rare card. Makes a huge difference in getting off to a good start. Enjoy!


    You have to do it right at the end of the tutorial.
  4. sab optimus

    sab optimus New Member

    great game cant stop playing it if you want use this referral code after the beginning tutorial for 100,000 rupies and a rare card fkf85025
  5. chin6789

    chin6789 New Member

    great trading card games! been playing since the 1st day i installed this game, come join and get freebies + rare card once u complete the tutorial which is verrry fast to do it. type this code at the end of the tutorial......lxd97305 and get 100k rupee + 1 rare card. and i will keep sending gift when u be my friend in game! hope more guys will join.
  6. FattyFatFat

    FattyFatFat New Member

    Great games and card graphics. Only bummer is that it crashes often and there's no sound.
    Use code: "owl37967" after the tutorial for 100,000 coins and 1 rare card. If you use my code, I will send you an additional 100,000 coins and 5 fully upgraded rares of your choice. Coins and good cards starting out will be very helpful and increases the enjoyment factor of the game by allowing you to defend against attacks and attacking other players from the start.

    CODE: owl37967
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  7. smith13r

    smith13r New Member

    Game is really great spend all my time playing now if any one wants to play you can use my referral code it is sqz29068 was going to get my wife to play but she cant dose not work on her device
  8. kbknight70

    kbknight70 New Member

    A fun and great trading card gamed! Awesome card graphics - use the promo code at the end of the tutorial and you will receive + rare card (God's Knight Angel) + 100,000 coins once u complete the tutorial which is verrry fast to do it. type this code at the end of the tutorial......otd17103
  9. sp910

    sp910 New Member

    Add fgr73445 as code after the tutorial for free cards and a LOT of coins. Also, if you add this code I will help you level a gather more cards!!! Just give me a massage!

    I will als give you some free cards if you use my code!
  10. kevinzzzz0

    kevinzzzz0 New Member

    guy use this ref code:mrx77035
    you get nice stuff
  11. sunelfent

    sunelfent New Member

    Hi All

    I have 24 DEF PWR.

    For DEF Deck, shall I use only 1 card (with 19 PWR) or 2 cards (with 19 PWR & 5PWR)?

    If I use 2 cards, does it means it will add up all DEF point of 2 cards in Battle? Or what is the advantage for the better option?

    Awaiting your help.

  12. BigMJC

    BigMJC New Member

    Fantastic game that takes up all my time, enter my referral code after the tutorial and we both get good stuff!!! gbb55554
  13. Jkaylor0481

    Jkaylor0481 New Member

    Hey great game. grows on you very fast. If you would like to use a code try out

    yjv69911 for your free rare card and 100k rupies

    Can only be entered once you complete trial so don't miss out
  14. GodlyCree

    GodlyCree New Member

    This game is very fun. The collecting makes you keep coming back and getting into an order allows you to trade with many people so you can really personalize your deck. Please use my referral code to get aqu78785 you get a Rare angelic Knight god card and 100,000 rupies which will defiantly help early for evolving cards and enhancing. Also please add me to your fellows and i'll help out in any way i can.
  15. JNuB

    JNuB New Member

    Use my code anc30705 not only do you get 100k in rupies and I rare card
    I will throw in 50k in rupies and 2 more cards


    Thanks again
  16. dmnboy74

    dmnboy74 New Member

    Great game very addicting. Use referral code xfo88317 after tutorial. You get 100000k and free rare god card. Add me dmnboy74 accepting everyone and i gift regularly.
  17. LordSmada

    LordSmada New Member

    This game is sweet, you get to collect cards (kinda like Pokemon) and evolve them into bigger and nastier cards. There's 3 factions, Demon, Gods, and Man. Three stats, Stamina, Attack and Defense. If you complete the tutorial and enter in my code: UGW88049 you'll get a free rare card and 100,000 rupies that you can use to evolve and enhance (lvl up) your cards.

    Pro Tip: Evolve your cards fully before using them to enhance a better card. As you collect stronger cards you will no longer be using your older cards and using the fully evolved version gives you a bigger bonus on leveling up your stronger cards. However, realize once you evolve a card, any level or skill level is has gained will return to level 1.

    Again use my code! Free stuff! UGW88049
  18. SemperFi78

    SemperFi78 New Member

    Rage of Bahamut

    CODE: vet86239
    Great game. Code still works for anybody and everybody with no limit on use. Gives additional start off bonuses to put you ahead of the others. Really helps in beginning. Input code right after tutorial.
    CODE: vet86239

    Or use my code and u will get a rare card and 100k. Add me as a fellow so we can help each other out in the game. (Code: owl37967). Happy gaming.
  19. Spidershade

    Spidershade New Member

    Ref: uty90077

    This game is a CCG similar to castle age and vampire wars. Taking down bosses and collecting cards is fun. Post message to me in game for a invite to my order Eternal.

    Use My referral code for a 100K rupie boost and free guardian angel promo card :D
  20. mouschd

    mouschd Member

    type this CODE in after tutorial to get 100k rupies and an angelic knight (rare),
    to thank u for using my code I'll give u another 50k or a rare princess card. to get the 50k add yakum00 and write me what u want(with mobage). good way to start into game. collect cards evolve and enhace them to max. fight bosses and participate in events (first one ended today). for best evolve/enhace result, enhace them to max before u evolve them, then u get 10% stats of the maxed cards. expensive but rlly good results with rares/high rares

    Use the CODE ost02351 after tutorial for 100k+50k(from me) and a rare card ;)
  21. Vividos1

    Vividos1 New Member

    This is an amazing game and very addictive. There are a few things being worked on but for the most part its well worth the time to get into it!

    Referral Code: sht40983

    Use of this code will get you 1 rare card and 100,000 rupies to get started with. Enter that code post tutorial to recieve your presants automatically.

    A few tips for new players:

    1) Evolve your cards to the max form before enhancing (usually 4 of the same cards needed to do this)

    2) Use only fully evolved cards for enhancing others, you net more 'maturity' % this way as opposed to using the 4 base versions. (yes this costs a little more in rupies but its well worth it!)

    3) Dont neglect your defense, nothing worse then trying to complete a treasure quest only to have others steal your treasure because your deck isn't able to repel attacks.
  22. Wraith888

    Wraith888 New Member

    If you are new to the game - Please enter this referal code after completing tutorial: nlc20675

    You will get a new Rare card and 100K

    Regarding game play:

    I have found it helpful to use the "Quest area list" to re-select the basic quest. This will only cost you (1) stamina point and allow you to gain a massive amount of cards - then "evolve" them to the highest form for enhancements.
  23. semperexcelsiu

    semperexcelsiu New Member

    At the end of the tutorial, you need to enter a referral code to gain 100.000 rupies (ingame currency) and a rare card.

    Use this referral code: hkm22901

    Tip: in the beginning, use the maximum amount of cards possible (8) to evolve your cards. For example, when you have card A, you two cards to evolve to A+. To this two times, then use two A+ cards to evolve to A++. Again, do this two times, then use two A++ cards to evolve to the final form. This will give you a head start.
  24. Pahech

    Pahech New Member

    Ref: eys81449

    As others mention, you get stuff, I get stuff. 100k cash and rare card is quite useful to start with. Add me as friend (Pahech) and I'll give you some more extra stuff which are more useful for beginners to start with. Please enter that referral code after the tutorial.
  25. fuzzywessy

    fuzzywessy New Member

    Hi! Please use my federal code klr08957 Thanks!

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