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  1. RHyperion62

    RHyperion62 New Member

    Hey, folks! I hope you're all enjoying your gaming experience with Rage of Bahamut. I'd certainly appreciate if you would use my referral code. We both get rupies and rare cards, so it's a win-win all around! My code is: jri31807


  2. athan1325

    athan1325 New Member

    Game is awesome. If you're into pokemon or yugioh you will love it. Please use my code and help us both out. you get a 100k rupies and a rare card and so do I . User name is athan1325 look me up for any help you might need and you can even join my guild. Good luck and enjoy.
  3. Oniguard69

    Oniguard69 New Member

    heres my code please use kle07369
  4. TheGreenMonk

    TheGreenMonk New Member


    New players, please use the above code after the tutorial for free in game money and a free card. Also, find me in game, ejtenorio, and I will gift you some other cards that will be useful to you when you are starting out. Thanks!
  5. palentan

    palentan New Member

    Hey everyone!
    If you use my referral code at the end of the tutuorial! you will get 100,000 rupies and an Angelic Knight card. I'll get a princess card... so help me out and I'll try and do the same!

    referral code hyj39449
  6. geocommander

    geocommander New Member

    There are tons of other codes available in this thread, and any new player should have already gathered that they will receive 100,000 in game money and an angelic knight card. If you use my code of gcr52357 i will send you an ADDITIONAL 100,000 in game money, and a high normal rarity card that matches your in game alignment. My in game name is geocommander, hit me up with a friend request if you want.

    Please send me an in game 'support' message(find me using the player search feature with my tag 'geocommander', and type in that you used my code as the message) so I can send you the in game money and extra card.
  7. sycosocrbabe

    sycosocrbabe New Member

    get 100,00 rupies and now get a princess card! very useful! use code ktp40197 right after tutorial then terminal register and receive your presents! :)
  8. mitz20

    mitz20 New Member

    Rage of Bahamut

    use my code and u will get a rare card and 100k. Add me as a fellow so we can help each other out in the game "mitz20". (Code: yun51613). Happy gaming.
  9. mr_ding

    mr_ding New Member

    My referral code is: wfc52341
  10. Sabbie2005

    Sabbie2005 New Member

    Code: vsn60143
    Get free 100k R and a rare card (god card guardian angel )
  11. Derekreation

    Derekreation New Member

    Use this code to get more than just the standard 100,000 and Rare card. Message me (derekreation) and I'll send you 50,000 or a RARE Princess card as well. Good luck :)
  12. Azguyazguy

    Azguyazguy New Member

    use this referral code... it does the same as everyone else's but...this one is mine, and it would help me. Referral code: xjn82989 also I'll throw in some starter cards just find me in game...azguyazguy
  13. DevinHeaven

    DevinHeaven New Member

    Hey guys, If you want a Free 100,000 Rupies, and a Rare Card, then use this Referal Code!

    Code: jrv20634
  14. FrickNFitz

    FrickNFitz New Member

    Enter - WJ57936
    to recieve 100k coin and a rare card!
  15. Bodenac

    Bodenac New Member

    If you use my referral code I will give you an additional card in addition to the rare card and the 100k rupies.

    Code: ftb06987
  16. arius26

    arius26 New Member

    My referral code is qmj74519. Find me in game if you use my referral code and I ill give you extra cards.:)
  17. elsangano

    elsangano New Member

    Just another code being dropped ;-) It's a fun game, you'll enjoy it! Please enter my code after the tutorial if you're interested: BTR25937. Wish I had known about this when I started!!
  18. dragonwolf8

    dragonwolf8 New Member

    help me help you
  19. Daphlashman

    Daphlashman New Member


  20. ChonnyKim

    ChonnyKim New Member

    Here is a special Promo code a developer of the game gave me: ihf86847
    It gives 1 of 5 SSR rare card! make sure to put in the code after you finish the tutorial or you'll miss out on an epic card!

    Good Hunting, Chonny
  21. SigmundVolsing

    SigmundVolsing New Member

    Hello, please feel free to use the referral code ylu53549. It is active as of right now. I'm also looking for Ares or Inugami in game to trade. Feel free to add me, SigmundVolsing, in game. See you there!
  22. cpbong

    cpbong New Member

    Hey guys, please use fud69859 As with any ref code, you get the 100k and special rare card. Feel free to message me in game cpbong after you use my referral code and I will send you an extra 100k
  23. tactic

    tactic New Member

    Hey guys! Rage of bahamut --> great game enough said.
    is a very addicting game, u will have fun for sure.

    After the tutorial u will ask for a referral code input this:


    U will receive 100,000 ruppies and a rare card.
    I as well will help u when u look for me


    don't put the entire uusername because I won't come out
    Just put tactic and then look for me.

    I will help u build ur deck and welcome u into my order
    If u want ^_^
  24. fgbarte

    fgbarte New Member

    Referral Code: poc04293

    Enter the code at the coclusion of the tutorial and receive a nice starting gift. Also feel free to look me up in the game (Stew838) for any questions you might have. Some hints:

    - Evolve to max, then use maxed card to enhance. Its more expensive but hey, thank goodness you started with an extra 100k right

    -When it comes to upgrading stats, you can upg stamina, atk, or def, don't bother spreading it evenly, I say focus on one thing and go big, though I wouldn't suggest atk, focus more on def and stamina

    -SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT!!!! you can send 500 support messages daily, I suggest you do, the cards you get from gaining friend points is the doorway to the rares.
  25. lildud15

    lildud15 New Member

    After completeing the tutorial enter REFERRAL CODE : saz77169 as it will give you 100,000 rupies and an arch angel rare card for completeing the tutorial, this gives you a BIG advantage when first starting out the game!!

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