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Rage of Bahamut - Share Your Code

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  1. skayman

    skayman New Member

    :) use jzq41269 to have 100000 R and a rare card. in begin keep all the card and wait to understand the game.

  2. zardion18

    zardion18 New Member

    Ref: nzc38202
    All codes give the same reward. Since I'm new and your new we can help each other out :)
  3. willismaximus

    willismaximus New Member

    Support your military with this referral code! Enter jom36886 after the tutorial for 100K currency and a free rare card!
  4. aznruffrid3r

    aznruffrid3r New Member

    Referal code: Bvl23721
  5. Tyrael7

    Tyrael7 New Member

    here's my referral code: dbz91846

    add me i'm Tyrael77
  6. Hyoue

    Hyoue New Member

    Use my refferal code if you need it it will help me and you

    CODE: zok22762

    Also add me: Aralynara
  7. chedderman252

    chedderman252 New Member

    Please add me and use my code; pje55385
  8. scubasteve72

    scubasteve72 New Member

    Some tips I can give u.

    keep you def pwr with the cards you have. If your def deck only requires "76 pwr pts" then all you need is "76" def pwr. Adding extra points to your def is nice but IMO add them only when needed. You get a higher card, add the pts at next lvl up. Just keep your def lvl at its peak. You will being getting hit in the treasures portion of the game(rings, keys, medals and so forth) as you try and battle for them. Also if you enter into an order, opposing team will pick on lowest def player.

    IMO the extra pts can be better used in your attack and stamina. When building an atk deck, your "Pwr" lvl is taking away from your "Atk pwr" pts. So simple enough, if your sci carries 77 atk pwr and you have 100 atk pts....left with 23 pts after a battle. If you can keep your pts double of your deck, then you can attack twice in what it takes most players one attack in the game. :) try and stay with your alignment. You get an extra buff at each battle if you are attacking or defending. But then again, you get some nasty off spec cards and you begin to wonder if you made the right choice.
    I hope this help. Please use "qif67760" as your code to get a rare angelic knight card and 100,000 rubies and look me up in game for help if needed "scubasteve72" Always open to entertaining trades for demon cards.

  9. Luxxtenebri

    Luxxtenebri New Member

    Fun game to play. Easy to find fellows and orders to do events with. Please use my code so we both can get free stuff and and have fun.

    Code: ihe8060

    Can enter it after tutorial.

    thanks and have fun
  10. Ishkabibyl

    Ishkabibyl New Member

    Use this code at the end of the tutorial and get 100,000 and a free rare card ... could use the help. Thanks.

    Code: jqq96788
  11. mingusdew83

    mingusdew83 New Member

    Hey all just got this game on my andriod its pretty sweet. Wanted to try it out real quick didnt realize i wouldnt be able to add a referral code later.

    Help a brotha out
    referral code hvk55680
  12. Gamerguy72

    Gamerguy72 New Member

    Need help and I will send you extra cash on top of what you earn! KEA88065
  13. zaineneil

    zaineneil New Member

    CODE: upw89715
    Code gives 100k rupies and a rare card when used. Make sure you use code before leaving tutorial!
    CODE: upw89715
  14. Busabull20

    Busabull20 New Member

    My code is tds37940...im a very very active player so any newbie who wants to use my code feel free to send me messages for help, trades, gifts, or w.e...anything fair that im asked to give i will...also ive been helping out people so much im really low on rupies haha especially so could def use that extra 100k :) thanks guys and have fun!:D p.s code MUST be entered BEFORE you end your tutorial..the 100k is VERY helpful so dont miss out!!! Busabull20 is also my user name.
  15. Chucky85219

    Chucky85219 New Member

    After you finish the tutorial if you use this code zjk81375 you will receave a rare card and 100,000 rupies. This will put you ahead of everyone else. If you want my name is Chucky85219 in game and will help you out.
  16. Roor87

    Roor87 New Member

    use my code gxl03759 and ill give u free starter cards ;)
  17. silencor870

    silencor870 New Member

    such a great game cant stop playing it looking for some friends to play with referral code is mqq67893 plz use
  18. quietuswolfe

    quietuswolfe Member

    Code: zoy16180
    Just started playing.
  19. wilajano

    wilajano New Member

    Hello all!! Use following code at the end of the tutorial and get 100.000 Gold and a rare card!! wbr03531 !! thanx all!!
  20. bookybear

    bookybear New Member

    use this code yts30035 to start the game with 100k and a rare card
  21. Disco12

    Disco12 New Member

    Vhf72499 it's the bomb figgity
  22. khamulhawkbat

    khamulhawkbat New Member


    Simply enter this code after the tutorial to get 100000 rupies "currency" and a rare card.
  23. FLASH75

    FLASH75 New Member

    use this code for 100,000 rupies and a rare card only from this code.


  24. Sethion0

    Sethion0 New Member

    My code: jzo36705
  25. brandonw0407

    brandonw0407 New Member

    How do i find out my referral code ????????????

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