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  1. Toogay

    Toogay New Member

    Ref code: bnd47007
    I will send you rings required for another rare card
    And an Extra 15k.

    Add me: toogay
    same as forum username

  2. hanzox

    hanzox New Member

    use my code and u will get a rare card and 100k. Code: lvc48765. Add me as a fellow so we can help each other out in the game "Hanzox" Good Gaming!
  3. amerasu77

    amerasu77 New Member

    My code : jse91339. My name in the game is amerasu77
  4. kresh87

    kresh87 New Member

    Use Code RRK42135 to get free 100k Rupies and and a Free Angelic Knight Rare Card
  5. adiemas1976

    adiemas1976 New Member

    please use my code only need about 3 people to gja93600 i will send you 50k more rupees on top of the bonus 100k and rare card the game gives
  6. jerzu97

    jerzu97 New Member

    My code: tjv05233
    my mobage: jerzu97
  7. DemonKyo

    DemonKyo New Member

    Enter code to get 100K + Rare Card
    Referral Code: zts76236
  8. Cheesypuffs100

    Cheesypuffs100 New Member

    you can get 100k starting gold and a rare card when you enter this code. It also helps me.
  9. Soccergods2

    Soccergods2 New Member

    To all new players, it would greatly help both of us if you enter this code, yze08266
  10. zatarans

    zatarans New Member

    enter code elu25262 after tutorial to recieve free rupies and a rare card!!
  11. fatrageon

    fatrageon New Member

  12. Ryair

    Ryair New Member

    My code is oxt99973. My username in-game is also Ryair, feel free to message me for advice or send me trade requests for Demon or God affinity cards. Just be prepared to offer me some good Man cards for them :p
  13. kelseyjay97

    kelseyjay97 New Member

    Great game. Post this code at the end of the tutorial and you'll get 100000 rupies and a rare card. Makes a big difference in getting off to a good start. Enjoy!


    You have to do it right at the end of the tutorial.
  14. ninjamulvihill

    ninjamulvihill New Member

    This code will help you out just enter in the box after the tutorial nvq21451 It'll give a nice rare card and 100,000 rupies
  15. Ice889

    Ice889 New Member


    Please use my referral code at the end of the tutorial to get a rare card and 100,000 gold to get a good start. Trust me it does help

    Referral code = Lsi12194
    IGN = slvrwnd
  16. SonicR75

    SonicR75 New Member

    Very fun game! :)

    My code is awd85270
    My name in game is Sonicr75
  17. Zakuraknight

    Zakuraknight New Member

    Code : bku67960

    will very much appreciated if some of you uses my code ^^
  18. Masterdisaster

    Masterdisaster New Member

    If you use my link as refferal code sxj31532 you will get a awsome 100000 rupies. and second on top of that a rare card GODS angelic Knight(rare)
    Its like a angel comming from the sky
  19. natsukii

    natsukii New Member

    enter plz this code to get free bonus like 100000 rupis and 1 rar card.

    enter this code: vuz59496

    i also will give you 2 other cards if you contact me
  20. kfguhnidj

    kfguhnidj New Member


    add me as a fellow and i will send you free rare cards to join my order!!
  21. Sixgunslinger

    Sixgunslinger New Member

    if you use this code you get bonus stuff to get you started off right!!


    thanks in advance! and good luck!!
  22. BlackoutCore

    BlackoutCore New Member

    In need of help from new players, after you go though the tutorial it gives you a option to put in a referral code mine is - sgc21927 - It will give both of us a rare card and 100000 coins its a great help for us both.
  23. andrebo

    andrebo New Member

    Post this code - jvf24171 - at the end of the tutorial and you'll get 100000 rupies and a rare card. And you can join my order right ahead without beeing lvl. 20. :) ingame name : djbasstard
  24. daimyn

    daimyn New Member

  25. Ophichaos

    Ophichaos New Member

    Rage of Bahamut is the best free ap
    p game ever! Trading card RPG. Use my referral code for huge 100,000 rupie bonus and a free rare card! Enter Referral code PFU78116 at the end of the tutorial then register your phone (terminal) to win your bonuses!

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