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  1. hsbay2005

    hsbay2005 New Member

    After tutorial add referral code oaj37772, we both benefit from it. You will 100k cash , items to restore stamina, attack and protect your treasure and Free RARE card once u finish the tutorial. Tips. it is very confusing when start off new, here is where you can get all your free cards. Get alot of free cards by adding fellows it will give u 5 extra attribute and freind ship point, click top right blue circle to get the friendship card, scroll to bottom to claim rare cards. Go to home screen to join holy war event and get free cards when battle ends. From Home page, invite a friend to get your code and invite friend to play to get free Rare Princess card. Twitter every days to get free card. Click on menu, fellow and click support to earn friend ship points. Click on Home, holy war event or what ever event to earn silver coin. give silver coins to other, you can keep yours and others will have one extra too. They will do the same and give u silver coin to get free cards. 3 silver coin will get one free card. Place 50 stamina early stage for quest, then 50 attack , 50 defends evenly when u want to battle for treasure. During battle you can check the defends of enemy before you confirm, so you have high chance of wining. you attack must be higher than his by 10 points to have high chance of winning. if you attack someone very low level, you will lost due to divine judgement. When you get card, do not click sell button, collect 3-4 same normal card and click evolve to combine them. After combining it can use it to enhance your rare cards. Do not enchance a non evolved card, you will waste more card to level your rare cards. To level you skill cards, you have to use a useless skill card to level it. You have to keep those rare card of you kind e.g. Human God or demons. Trade away those not belong to you kind to other fellows. if you are human, trade with god and demons. Always click my page to check inbox of any present. During battle if enemy only have 20 defends, you try to select your card to have total 30 attack instead of wasting all 60-80 power which over kills, so u can do it 2 times or 3 times against that enemy. Hope these tips can help you and you can help my by
    After tutorial add referral code oaj37772.

  2. 184838223

    184838223 New Member

    Rage of Bahamut is the best free app game ever! Trading card RPG. Use my referral code for huge 100,000 rupie bonus and a free rare card! Enter Referral code AKB23368 at the end of the tutorial then register your phone (terminal) to win your bonuses!
  3. xXBristonXx

    xXBristonXx Member

    Enter iuz71384 right after u finish ur tutorial...
    Simply because u will get 100k WHICH is very important useage for your enhancing as it will cost u greatly later in game....
    The code will also provide u a rare card to get a good start in game :)
    Helping you to fight boss after every 5 part of a chapter in mission.
    In addition cards will help u bring down other players for you to earn extra golds and treasures to get more cards!
    So what are you waiting for?

    Tips: for perfect enhance get 8 of the same card (base form) and max enhanced every single of it.
  4. faitytali

    faitytali New Member

    use my code u well get 100000 and a bouns card have fun code is : sjs78592
  5. Niteriser33

    Niteriser33 New Member

    Great game, fun and addicting. when you first sign up and complete the tutorial enter code ulj77341 to gett 100,000 rupies and a Rare stater card.
  6. spacelion

    spacelion New Member

    This code will get you an awesome rare card and 100000 gold to spend helping you get started! Code is szt82506 just enter it after the tutorial
  7. zymm4278

    zymm4278 New Member

    I play Rage of Bahamut, its pretty cool. Download and play it, lots of fun and use this code, jmq44856, after tutorial and get 100k rupies and rare card to get started with. See ya in the game.
  8. RPG + Card Games = Addictive Fun!:flybye:
    If you are the type of person who likes character building games, this will hook you up instantly, and for a long time. Now, you can play such game in the palm of your hands wherever you go. Use Referral Code "tbu80063" after tutorial when you first start the game and get 100,000 bonus rupies + a rare card "Angelic Knight" to give yourself a nice starter to begin with. ENJOY!!:rock:
  9. sal0809

    sal0809 New Member

    please use this code and help me get rare card you get awesome stuff to dis31925 thank you enter it after tutorial
  10. amireal

    amireal New Member

    All the referral codes give the same rewards.
    The player who gave the code gets 100k and a rare man card(princess)
    The player using the code gets 100k and a rare god card(angelic knight)

    It is a great help to anyone starting the game. My code is in a post below, if anyone would like to use it I would be very grateful. :)

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone using my code: ebv52028
    This would help us both as we both get money and rare cards, thanks :)
  11. McKalister

    McKalister New Member

    Refferal code: swa85991

  12. winterflame

    winterflame New Member

  13. craigkir

    craigkir New Member

  14. zeromag

    zeromag New Member

  15. PhyreZtorm

    PhyreZtorm New Member

    feel free to use

    referral code wtv39411
  16. Jungun

    Jungun New Member

    After tutorial write this code : tqr29664. You & I'll get a rare card & 100k gold. You must finish terminal registration to claim presents and reward. You get 5 stats when you add a fellow and you lose 5 when you remove one. Invest your stats in stamina till 50 it will be enough till you level 40. Invest in defence just enough to use 5(Max) cards to defend your treasure and gold. All left over into attack. Save cure water and holy powder for high level. Ask me for more advice. My mobage name is Junguns. N
  17. callemrogues88

    callemrogues88 New Member

    after you complete the tutorial enter code stq96589 to get 100k rupies and a Rare card.
  18. ShiziZhen

    ShiziZhen New Member

    If you love games...most of us do...seriously...try this card game. Rage of Bahamut takes everything you love about card games...and games like Mafia Wars and pushes both to the next level. Also unlike most games...your not at a disadvantage if you don't want to dump cash into it...you can get everything just by playing. Try it out...and to help I will give you a boost. Type in the referral code ree70988 and you will start out with a free rare card, and $100,000 in in game currency. Best of luck. ShiziZhen....
  19. neosaidin

    neosaidin New Member

    same as the others, referral code is zze70884 if anyone comes across this one.
  20. urilmamir

    urilmamir New Member

    Refferal code: zlh32334 add this number after the tutorial and i
    will send u a rare card from my own collection if u reffer to me
  21. Brago77

    Brago77 New Member

    Great game! Addicting, fun and easy to pick up, enter this code, Yud28623, when you finish the tutorial for lots of rupies and a cool rare card!
  22. cbktank

    cbktank New Member

    Get your free card an 100000 rubies using this code ldu34730
  23. battleboy81

    battleboy81 New Member

    my code is aey32740 go ahead and use it... you know you want to...

    username battleboy81
  24. Dgyre

    Dgyre New Member

    Standard friend join referral code, gets you rare card and 100,000k points. Join and order and donate to help the Order give you buffs for your cards!
    code: gjv45181
  25. rhythmist

    rhythmist New Member

    vqu01900 <- use this as a referral code and trade me i will give you some rupies! you can find me rhythmist-p =)

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