Rainbow lines on screen when dragging

Discussion in 'Other Androids' started by sugmag28, Jan 3, 2013.

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    Dec 28, 2012
    I have a brand new (Christmas gift) Visual Land Prestige 7L
    Android Tablet running "Ice Cream Sandwich". It has a 'capacitive screen'.
    It was working great until last night (after I read a Nook book with the Nook app). Suddenly there were rainbow colored flashing lights on the screen. I switched back to the home screen - that stopped the flashing lights - but - now whenever I touch the screen there is tiny red dot which develops into a wavy rainbow line when I 'swipe' the screen.

    How can I fix this problem? I am a 'newbie' with Tablets - but - I've used desktop computers for years.)
    Thanking you in advance for your help.


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