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Ram dump mode

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  1. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    So yeah,,,,randomly went into that mode and it stayed like that for a while...I was pushing buttons tryna get out, but nuffin. Pulled the battery and now I am done. That sucks. Just got the phone like 2 weeks ago from amazon for 59.99. Now it doesn't turn on. No hope for me?

    Had megatron 6.0.4.

    Plugging usb/charger doesn't do anythanggggg.

    Fornicate the constable.

  2. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    well...after quite a few battery pulls and random cable insertion/extractions, i put mcsd and battery back in and that bish turned back on. slap a hoe. fornicate the constable.
  3. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    great. did it again. this time i didn't turn off. what shall i do nowz?
  4. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    This is common for the transform ultra, you'll been seeing this from time to time. Most likely you over powered your processor speed above 1.5 ghz which is usually the reason why 99 percent of ultra go into ram dump mode.

    The solution as you found out is to remove the battery for a few seconds then pop it back it and boot it up and it should be fine. Keep your OC speeds under 1.5 and dont mess around with your scaling performance as some scaling options could cause it as well. On demand, interactivex, smartass, powersave and performance are all good ones to choose from. If you havnt been OC'in or dont know what that means i would suggest you reinstall megatron and restore your apps and data back lightly and watch your ram usage at all times.
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  5. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    Thanks for the tip. I've never overclocked. It just did it just now after I uninstalled fb and google voice. Reinstalled google voice. Went into google voice and slid out keyboard...and bam again. I've noticed sometimes my screen goes blank when sliding out the keyboard. I'll reinstall tonight.

    And this isn't common for me. I've owned the transform since the last last black friday and never seen this until today.
  6. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    ok phones officially bricked. fornicate the constable.
  7. vmed

    vmed Well-Known Member

    Are you able to get into Download Mode? That way you can try to Unbrick your phone with Odin. Try this Link...http://androidforums.com/transform-...ing-return-stock-samsung-transform-ultra.html

    Also did you Install The New Clockworkmod before Installing MegaTron? Otherwise that could probably be the problem.

    If neither of those work out for you, there are other options like...1.Returning it, 2.Send it in to Samsung(1 Year Warranty), 3.Throw it in the trash(It's probably toast anyways!), 4.Take it apart you might have something loose like a ribbon cable(someone in this forum had their cable come loose, I can't remember who though). The first two options are probably best! Either way I'm not responsible if you screw it up anymore than it is! Good Luck!!

    If you want to take it apart here's a link...http://androidforums.com/transform-...g-transform-ultra-disassembly-reassembly.html
  8. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    Eff me sideways. Somehow got it to turn on and go into cwm, reinstalled megatron, crashed, somehow got it to install ctmod and it crashed as i was typing. it crashes when i slide out keyboard, push button to turn on screen, plug in usb, and type. I'd like to go back to stock but some of the download links on the above linked thread don't work.
  9. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    You got a screwed up phome then lol, reinstall stock amd unroot it and remove cwm then send it to samsung. You'll get it back in 3 weeks.
  10. KickItBack

    KickItBack Active Member

    So I somehow got it to boot. Reinstalled an image I had from 2011 of stock firmware. Everything was cool. It was a blast from the past. All my texts and phone records were there from that one day in December. I was testing that hoe out, sliding dat keyboard, tapping dem keyz, and fornicating with the power button. All good. So flashed CT. Worked for about 8 hours then I made a call via google voice and couldn't hear shit and WHAMMMOOOOO. Fornicate the constable.
  11. uniqdevi1

    uniqdevi1 Well-Known Member

    you make me laugh man lol
  12. marxism

    marxism Member

    same to my phone can someone help me in fix this my lg d3 25 is like this

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