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RamDump NOT Download mode

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  1. Genshard

    Genshard Member

    Am I doing something wrong? I seem to get a Ramdump screen instead of the download screen when trying to update firmware/ROOT.

    Please Help

  2. Mufeed

    Mufeed New Member

    I have also the same problem..when i booting my samsung galaxy pop into Recocory Mod (using Holding the key combination Volume Down Button + Home button + Power button ) it turns to a black screen .. there is showing " RAMDUMB Mode (ARM9 mode) .. what is this ..i can't able to boot into Recovory mod....my phone is rooted and updated into gingerbread..... please help me
  3. biohazarduk

    biohazarduk New Member

    My phone goes into rawdump if i hold the power +home +volume up and i need to hold volume down for download mode try power +home +volume up and see what happens.
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    You have to press home key+power key for recovery mode...and volume down + power key + home key for download mode.

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