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  1. rockalance

    rockalance Well-Known Member

    I'm having random lockups. Screen and touch buttons unresponsive. The only thing that clears this is a battery pull. I have tagged! flashed. All wipes and formats were done first. I posted here because I'm not sure its the rom. I love the rom. I'm going to run logcat to record so if it happens again it'll be recorded. Thanks

  2. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm surprised no one got back to you on this - my bet is that after Tagged was flashed, the CPU settings are using the lowest minimum frequency (one hundred and something MHz), as its lowest. That causes a ton of issues with apps, /system, the screen, buttons, etc. because that frequency is too low to be stable (for everything but the phone itself).

    You can use any CPU Tuner you like (such as the app actually called "CPU Tuner," which I personally recommend) to change these settings. The lowest minimum frequency that you can use for the greatest battery life potential without the phone catching on fire, is the 245 MHz frequency. If you haven't done that, try doing so and see if the issue has been resolved :)
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  3. rockalance

    rockalance Well-Known Member

    I always used setcpu. 245-1516. I have a different phone now but thank you for actually getting back to me

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