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Random Music Playing BackgroundGeneral

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  1. Susyflower

    Susyflower Member

    So the other day I had my volume up about halfway on my Infinity and could hear music playing. Like jazzy music...nothing like anything I have loaded on my sd card. At the time the tablet was in low battery mode so I thought it was that. I turned the volume down and put it on the charger. This morning I took the tablet off the charger and turned the volume up and that same jazzy music was playing. I looked in the settings to see if any applications were running that could be the source of the music. It didn't seem like anything was running that would have music. I'm completely mystified. I powered down the tablet completely and left for work so we'll what happens when I turn it back on again when I get home. Anybody else have this happen and could maybe help me out. Thanks!!

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Very strange. What was running in the background? Could it be an ad on a webpage or something?

    Have you ran any of the ad/malware apps, see if it's something like that? I've not heard of any malicious ads that play music, more that push stuff to your notification bar, but it might be worth a go? Have a read of this: http://androidforums.com/android-ap...s-unwanted-shortcuts-browsers-redirected.html

    Not saying it is def some sort of ad, just throwing ideas out there.
  3. Susyflower

    Susyflower Member

    Well I believe I figured out the strange music problem. I went to open up a slots machine app that I have on my tablet and the layout was all sorts of funky. I just had an update to the app the other day and it must have been a glitchy update. I vaguely remembered as I had the app open that jazzy type music plays in the background when you're playing so I uninstalled the app and now no music!!
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