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  1. AussieGuy

    AussieGuy Active Member


    My 15month old Sony Xperia X10 (running Android 2.3.3, Kernel version 2.6.29-00054-g5f01537, Build number 3.0.1.G.0.75) has started randomly powering off when I'm using it. It does not seem to be related to the battery level; it's just a random thing. Sometimes it's only been powered up for a few minutes when it crashes again.

    I've seen people discuss this on other forums, but I haven't seen much in the way of solutions.

    Any ideas? The phone is becoming almost unusable.


  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Depending on how much you use your phone, and if you haven't done it in a long time, I would probably suggest to just back everything up on the phone and then to a Factory Reset.

    For simplicity sake.

    Just like a computer running Windows, I would recommend re-installing at least once a year, or if you are a power user, even more frequently.

    Or you could start removing apps you don't use.....or download a task manager (don't turn on any task killing options) and look at what apps are running, then fill all apps....let phone sit for 2-3 minutes, then open up the list of running tasks again and if you see apps start back up, that really don't need to be running, then remove that app.

    Buddy of mine on his Samsung Galaxy II had a similar problem to what you describe, he removed a couple apps, including a task killing app, a security app and a winamp....then he downloaded some battery calibration tool, and that fixed his phone. But it also took him 3 days and he actually bought a replacement battery.

    If he had of asked for help, I could have had the problem solved in 30 minutes. Backup contacts online and files locally....factory reset....restore files I want and contacts....done.

    So, do you want the problem fixed quickly, or do you want to try and troubleshoot it and possibly get very frustrated and it might be time consuming and in the end, you might do a factory reset anyways.
  3. AussieGuy

    AussieGuy Active Member

    Yep, I did a factory reset, and I've been very careful in installing apps since. I've only put a few essential ones on, but the phone still powers off even when the battery is nowhere near empty.

    I suspect it may be a battery problem; the phone's not holding its charge well. I'll source a new battery and then see what happens.

  4. jfritz42

    jfritz42 New Member

    I'm having the same problem. I just found another thread where the guy says he cleaned the terminals that connect to the battery and even added a little solder to them for a better connection, and it fixed the problem.

    See: http://androidforums.com/sony-ericsson-xperia-x10/497956-x10-power-off-randomly-solved.html
  5. debidavid

    debidavid Member

    Don't do a reset. It doesn't work. Don't update..it doesn't work either. I have been told battery (which I can see it being that because it's fine when it's plugged in) However that is why I am here...for solutions as well. I did read the post on terminal cleaning. Going to let my husband read it and see if he will do it for me. So gonna continue reading through old post to see if there is anything else said about it.
  6. debidavid

    debidavid Member

    So I went and bought a new battery. He told me to let the battery fully die and then charge it. So it was on for a solid 19 hours. Now I don't think it is charging. Sometimes the light is flashing orangish yellow, sometimes red. It shows the lightening bolt like it used to but I don't think it's charging. I have tried my sons charger..don't think it is working either. So it must be something wrong with the phone itself. GRRRRR
  7. debidavid

    debidavid Member

    Well Because my warranty is up Sony will not help me either. He plain out told me it is a problem with something and the motherboard and I will need to send it out for repair at my cost. EFF YOU sony. Gonna go pay off my rogers contract and go find another phone that is not a sony and dump both sony and rogers

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