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  1. niraj20

    niraj20 Member

    After the 4.4.2 update, my phone keeps restarting randomly atleast twice a day, even if it is lying idle/ untouched. I noticed that after reboot completes, samsung/ play store/ google is perfoming updates. I turned off automatic updates in play store settings but that has not solved the issue.. anybody else facing this problem? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.. im extremely happy with the phone but this problem is super frustrating!! Cheers, Niraj

  2. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Welcome to the Android Forums Note 3 sub-forum niraj20. My t-mobile US version hasn't exhibited that problem since the update. I can't think of anything that would cause that to happen.
  3. niraj20

    niraj20 Member

    Thanks for your response...
    I wonder if anyone else is facing this problem.. extremely annoying as u can imagine..
  4. flailer

    flailer Well-Known Member

  5. luvmynad

    luvmynad Well-Known Member

    my phone used to randomly reboot on occasion before the update but has yet to reboot since the update.
  6. evohicks

    evohicks Well-Known Member

    In the last 2 days I have had 2 reboots but both were due to the same issue, pressure. The first one happened when I was browsing the web after getting in from work, tired, fell asleep and woke up when the phone was rebooting, but my finger was firmly fixed to the screen and the second was at work today lying down trying to fix an issue and the weight of my body went on my phone after turning over, didn't realise until I heard the Samsung tone in reboot.
    So in both cases it was due to a continued pressure to the phone, It's never randomly rebooted up until now and I don't expect this to happen in the future unless I've broke it by lying on it lol.
  7. niraj20

    niraj20 Member

    Well.. my issue seems to be resolved by itself.. not really by itself but after the latest firmware update... no random reboots since the past 3 days after the update.. so thanks guys.. cheers
  8. Bexy

    Bexy Well-Known Member

    I've started having random reboots since upgrading to 4.2.2. Well 2-3 anyway.

    I had my phone in my pocket last week on silent as I was in a meeting, about 15 minutes in I heard the Samsung sound that plays when it restarts. About 5 minutes later it did it again. No idea why, data was off so I wouldn't get any emails and like I say, it was on silent as well.
    Also did it today. Put the phone in my pocket when I went out, got it out about 5 minutes later in the car and opened Google Maps and got directions somewhere. About 30 seconds after doing this, the phone vibrated - thought I'd pressed a button - then it restarted :S.
    Fortunately my partner knew how to get to the area we were getting to and just wanted the map open for when we got closer. Was worried in case it reset it self again just as we got near though.
    Wondering if restoring it will help, would rather not do that though.
  9. Ridethesplit

    Ridethesplit Well-Known Member

    I am suffering random reboots.
    Also rubbish battery life now after kitkat update.
    50% worse than before.
  10. twisted1

    twisted1 New Member

    My att note 3 (stock) is randomly rebooting 5 to 7 times a day since 4.4.2 I put on last week. Without much error info. Only 2 times it complained of AccuWeather app crashing and even after Uninstaller AccuWeather it's still crashing at same rate.
    What app can I use to review historical system log as this is annoying and I don't want to factory reset.
  11. P3nguinNL

    P3nguinNL New Member

    Hi guys,

    same issue here, Note 3 was bought in Germany but being used in The Netherlands.

    Had done factory reset multiple times no help.

    Ended up sending the phone in for repair, got it back "freshly flashed" after which the random freezing and rebooting is less but still not solved.

    There seems to be no app or sequence triggering this as well.

    Funnily enough I own a GS 4 as well which is updated to the same 4.4.2 build and running the same app / account combination (backup phone if you will) which is not showing any of these symptoms.

    Does anyone here have an update to share of other news?


    The P3nguin
  12. ladyjester

    ladyjester New Member

    I'm having the same problem...I don't have the updates though and my partner who has the same phone has a different problem ( phone freezes randomly) since updating.

    Any help would be great

  13. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Have you tried going to Settings > Apps > Clear cache of Playstore app?

    Otherwise if something is wrong after the update, you might just want to factory reset, I know they say you don't have to, but it probably should be recommended.
  14. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    The only thing I experienced was a complete lockup every now and then. But then rememebred that I disabled some Samsung Services and with the update of 4.4.2 the store, push service and the account needs updating .. once I enabled those services again the whole thing jumped back to life and updated 5 or so Samsung Services and all was well ..
  15. nitekram

    nitekram New Member

    Started about a month ago, and I have not found any help. Also had an issue with the ringer and notifications resetting to mute, still troubleshooting both issues
  16. aramis764

    aramis764 New Member

    I've had the same problem after the last update from Samsung on my S4.
    After some investigation I found out the device was restarting after a frozen lancher. Apps that were displaying something on the page (Facebook Messager e.g.) still responded, so I figured the problem had to be in TouchWiz.

    I installed a third party launcher this morning, and up until now it didn't restart.
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  17. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Thanks for the information maybe it will help a few members out :)

    P.S. Welcome to the site!
  18. plutchok

    plutchok New Member

    I have been struggling with a similar problem on my GT-I9505 since receiving a system update on May 30, 2014 -- random reboots many times a day, plus fairly reliable reboots about 30-40 seconds into any received phone call. I tried cleaning caches, uninstalling recently installed apps and then other unneeded apps, installing new updates, and lots of other things. My last resort was rooting and removing Knox as suggested at XDA developers forum. But first I tried a factory reset, and it worked! I've now gone several days without an unintentional reboot. It's a pain to have to restore backups and reinstall apps, but it was worth it. I hope this information is helpful to someone.
  19. rva1945

    rva1945 New Member

    I rooted my Samsung Neo Pocket, flashed the kernel, etc. The phone now has root access. But since then, weeks ago, it developed a strange behaviour. Everyday at around 7pm it reboots every 6 to 7 minutes, doesn't connect to the carrier, if I try to connect it says that the SIM is not present, after some retries it seems to detect it but then it gives an error (network error or something like that), and it eats the battery rebooting all the time. The best option is to turn it off until the following day. Early in the morning I turn it on, it gives the same errors, I reboot into recovery, if I have good luck this time it will reconnect to the carrier, until 7 pm...
  20. nachito206

    nachito206 New Member

    I've been facing a really crazy error with my LG D375AR phone that I bought 3 months ago. Suddenly, It started to reboot after 30 seg of screen switched off (only when it is not connected to USB or power suppy). I've investigated several forums during the last 2 weeks trying to solve this problem but i was not able to find a solution so I started to investigate how the Android works and how Android saves the logs. In the logs, I was not able to find a clear understanding of the issue but... I was able to identify that the problem happen when the phone goes to IDLE status.
    Considering this scenario, I'm still looking for a permanent solution and the root cause of the problem but as a workaround you can run from a Terminal IDE o ADB connection the following command to avoid the IDLE status in the phone:
    From Terminal:
    echo temporary > /sys/power/wake_lock

    From ADB:
    adb shell
    echo temporary > /sys/power/wake_lock

    using this command, the phone will switch off the screen when you don't use the phone but you will avoid it to get IDLE status.

    Conclusions.... for some reason, the IDLE status is the problem. I will continue investigating the root cause.

    I hope it helps
  21. Emil Teofanov

    Emil Teofanov New Member

    Hello people.

    Yesterday, my trusty phone (Sony C6802, running under Android 4.4.4 build 14.4.A.0.108, rooted, debloated, and rockstable) began to randomly reboot itself. This was caused by a fake/shitty app, which I installed for testing purposes–I realized it is fake only after the installation, although I had suspicions beforehand.

    I immediately uninstalled the fake app, rebooted manually, and checked for suspicious running processes and apps, but this doesn't stopped the random reboots every 15 ~ 40 minutes. After a lot of frustration I went to sleep, thinking how much time will be lost for fresh factory reset, rooting, debloating, restoring and reinstalling...

    This morning, the phone was still rebooting like crazy. I turned it off, took out the SIM card, cursed my naive stupidity–installing suspicious, fake app–and turned on the phone without the SIM. Alleluia! The reboots were gone. I inserted again the SIM, and the phone is back to normal - stable as the Pyramid of Khufu.

    Never install suspicious apps!

    Best regards.

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