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  1. NatureDragon

    NatureDragon Member

    My droid x2 is randomly shutting off and rebooting when im listening to music and have the screen turned off. anyone else having this issue?

    i rooted my phone with gingerbreak and froze bloatwares with titanium backup. Didnt install any rom.

  2. Hypo Luxa

    Hypo Luxa Well-Known Member

    Just 95% of the people here...
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The reboots seem to have no correlation. They happened to me when browsing, playing media, playing Flash and even when downloading from the market.

    DX2 firmware seems borked. For those reporting no issues- great, but for those having issues best to return the DX2 and wait to see if an update fixes the problems.

    People should not have to root and mod a new device- just to get it to work normal (or close to it).

    Sending Moto and VZW a message through returning the device is the most powerful form of customer feedback- even when they do not listen.
  4. MikeGoodall

    MikeGoodall Member

    Sorry to reboot an old thread but this is happening to me on a tablet when I shut it down sometimes (instead of going off it reboots); not sure if it's something I've done or installed; have been putting a few things on it as I've only had it a few days. It's Android 2.2.

    Perhaps this is normal?

  5. MikeGoodall

    MikeGoodall Member

    P.S. Only things I've installed recently are Opera mini (far better than the one that came pre-installed), FB reader, BeamReader and Aldiko.
    Are any of these known to cause problems?
  6. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    The reasons it happens on this device may not be the same for your device, therefore its best if you bring up the discussion in your device's forum/section.
    I'm closing this thread since its almost a year old.

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