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  1. ryansullivan

    ryansullivan Member

    Recently, I've noticed another bug with my phone. It has been randomly rebooting a couple times a day. I will just be listening to music or typing a text, and all of a sudden it will just restart. Anyone else had this problem?

  2. richy240

    richy240 Well-Known Member

    Nope, haven't seen that one yet. Maybe it's caused by an app you have installed? Maybe?
  3. bamabookwench

    bamabookwench New Member

    I have random reboots every couple days. As in just a few minutes ago the phone just reboots. I wasn't using it - no apps were running - there was no announced system update. I find this quite odd and wonder what the glitch is AND more important how to resolve it. I would hate to be in the middle of something important as described above and it crap out on me.
  4. gogita502

    gogita502 Active Member

    try taking your sd card out....

    it worked for me.

    GET A REPLACEMENT PHONE ASAP if you dont feel like dealing with it.

    thats what happened to mine. got a new one next day!
  5. ryansullivan

    ryansullivan Member

    I feel like this isn't a hardware issue, so I don't wanna get a whole new phone. Has anybody with this problem tried uninstalling all the applications that didn't come with the phone? I tried it and haven't had a reboot since.

    It might be a certain application that is causing this. I'll keep you updated.
  6. quincington

    quincington New Member

    I've had the same problem with my UK G1. I had it for about 1 week without any random reboots. The first reboot happened the day after my phone installed the uk firmware update (tc5 rc8). Of course the timing could easily be a coincidence. I've noticed at least one more reboot since then, though none in the last two days. I did remove and reinstall my SD as suggested.
  7. kmacdowe

    kmacdowe New Member

    I too have always gotten random reboots. I recently hard reset my whole g1 but it still randomly reboots. This an old thread. No one found a solution?
  8. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    I have had my xperia play for one week and it just rebooted. :(
    I hope I don't have to return it.
  9. pmlyon

    pmlyon New Member

    I just got a Samsung Charge on Friday, and had it replaced because the phone would literally reboot 20 times a day. This seemed to only happen when I was downloading data on the 3G network. There were some other issues with the phone so I knew I had a defective phone. After I replaced the phone, the phone reboot on me last night while I was watching TV. It could have been an update, or not. Coming from a blackberry (which I still love, but the feature set was something to be desired) I think a reboot here and there is a lot better than having to pull the battery every day.
  10. LMTCO

    LMTCO New Member

    I just got an epic 4g touch yesterday and after setting it up and downloading all the aps I wanted, I started having the random reboot issue. After some research I figured out the rebooting is due to memory loss because one of the apps I downloaded was buggy and not working right. To fix the Issue you need to go back and uninstall the apps you installed, starting with the last one installed. After uninstalling the last app installs, use the phone a bit and see if the rebooting stops; if it doesn't then uninstall the next newest ap you installed, and test again. Keep doing this until you figure out the ap causing the problem. Once the bad app is removed the rebooting will stop.
  11. jimweda

    jimweda Well-Known Member

    Although I'm on an Epic 4G and understand what you're saying about uninstalling apps one at a time to find out which one is giving the reboot problem my phone won't stay on long enough to find an app and delete it. The reboots come pretty quick so if anyone has the name of a specific app that may be causing it I'd love to hear about it.

    Right now the only thing that stops the reboot process is for me to take out my SD card so there has to be an app on there that's causing it. But, I posted a thread regarding this problem and there was another member who tried taking his SD card out but the reboots kept happening.
  12. Hadur

    Hadur New Member

    I have a Samsung S2. Everything was fine just until the other day when I did a software update. Now suddenly my phone starts to restart it self several times a day.
    I have android verson 2.3.5 I9100xxKI4
    Anyone know of this?
  13. ddewit2402

    ddewit2402 New Member

    I've had exactly the same problem, looks like there's something in the update.. I'll try to reinstall my SD, see if this helps..
  14. jgwilliamson22

    jgwilliamson22 New Member

    I can't help with a solution, either, however, I just had the exact problem with a newly purchased Droid Razr XT910 a week ago. I tried uninstalling each app and then restoring the phone to factory settings to no avail. I ended returning the phone for a replacement and am presently waiting. For what it's worth, my wife is experiencing comparable issues with her Razr and my cousin with her Samsung Infuse. I'm thinking based on the diversity of the hardware that I've been reading on the forum this is likely a droid-centric issue; but that's just a guess.
  15. ddewit2402

    ddewit2402 New Member

    Unfortunately it didn't help to reinstall my SD card...

    I hope that a new update will follow from Samsung that helps..

    I'll follow this thread, maybe someone can offer a solution to this problem! :confused:
  16. clarkiboi

    clarkiboi New Member

    hello guys i want to help i also have a tablet pc comes with cortex a8 processor 1.5 ghz and 512 ram running android gingerbread the brand of my tab is not famous, its kingcom here in philippines if ever your tablet has the same specs with mine you can follow my solution, ok i bought the tablet but i notice it also random reboot whatever the device want to reboot it self whether i just reading or gaming i had 2 reboots in an hour its so frustrating
    that i want the device just throw in the garbage, what i did is i transferred all the application from my sd card to device storage using app2sd emptying my sd card after that i put task killer so that i can kill all the apps that is on, after i did all of that my device run smooth in a day i just got one reboot sometimes not rebooting, before u do my procedure do restore factory setting i hope my procedure will help to those experiencing random reboot
  17. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    putting all apps on device memory'll add on RAM

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