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Random rebootingSupport

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  1. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    Had two random reboots today.

    I am going to get mine replaced.

    Has anyone else solved the rebooting with a replacement phone?

    Mainly want to make sure this isn't something inherent with the software.

  2. Putty

    Putty Well-Known Member

    I had mine replaced on Friday and have not had one reboot yet. I feel it's solved.
  3. Doomstang

    Doomstang Well-Known Member

    To update, he finally went and exchanged it...haven't heard him complain about the restarting problems since, so I guess his new one doesn't suffer from the same issues.
  4. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    I had random reboots when I first got it. I did a factory reset and formatted the sd card and that seemed to help some...it still rebooted, but not as much. Found out that when I went to the factory task manager (it's listed in your loaded apps) that I was short on memory for some reason. I did a kill all, and recovered about half my memory. I still have to do a reboot every now and then, but it's no near as bad as it has been. I've been to the Sprint store and talked to the tech and he said to keep an eye on it for the next few days and if it still does that to bring it in and replace it. I think that's the course I'm going to take. As far as the icons going back to the stock android icon upon reboot, that's a common issue for the apps that have been moved to SD card, and the easiest way to fix it is to go to personalize and change your Scene, then change it back to the one you had and your icons will reappear (not my discovery, but don't remember who to give credit to since I've been reading a ton of posts and forums about this and other Evo 3D stuff).
  5. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    My reboot/freeze up issues have returned post hard-reset so I'm going to see about an exchange...I have 2 dead pixels anyway.
  6. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    For clarity, we're talking about reboots that happen without our intervention, not reboots that we initiate.
  7. KBalamo

    KBalamo New Member

    Bought one for myself: Mine automatically reboots itself for no reason at all, sometimes twice a day... this has been going on for a solid week. And I bought it one week ago today.

    Bought one for my wife: With hers the screen just goes black and the phone dies...sometimes twice a day! Have to do a battery pull to get it running again.

    Both phones will be returned shortly unless an update fixing these issues is pushed out.

    Love the phone, but what a pain to put up with all this.
  8. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    I called sprint support, told them my phone randomly reboots and freezes and the steps I've done to correct it. No questions asked, no further troubleshooting...I was given an exchange. Just gotta go to the Sprint repair center to exchange it.
  9. Mendoz

    Mendoz Member

    My 3D is Working AWSOMEEEEEE Sorry to hear the problems you guys and gals are having.
  10. KBalamo

    KBalamo New Member

    Just got back from the Sprint store. The rep has ordered two new phones for us due to this rebooting issue. But the phone is on back-order now, will take about 5 days.

    We'll see how the next two phones do.
  11. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    Nuts...my store had them in stock. We'll see how it does.
  12. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    What I don't get is why mine can go for days at a time without a lockup or spontaneous reboot? It was worst, by far, the day I got it, then was stable for a few days, then over 4th of July weekend had problems on Saturday and Monday, and since Monday, it has been rock solid.

    But I have buddies who have yet to report a single problem with their EVO 3D. And these are definitely power users! So seems like any deviation from perfect stability is a problem.

    I know, second guessing myself. Oh, well, my replacement phone is on order.
  13. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I realize that. I'm talking about a manual reboot to help clear up the memory. I've been watching the memory and if it gets too low, the phone starts to hang up and randomly reboots itself. I haven't had any problems for the last week, the memory seems to be more stable now. Not sure if it was an app that was causing the issues, but everything seems to be fine now.
  14. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    I thought Android automatically closed out background apps once memory got low? And quantify "low"?
  15. coachjason

    coachjason New Member

    Just received my EVO3D - I have had more random reboots than I can count since activating and updating (4 HTC updates) this unit.
    Note that I do not have any apps installed on this phone. I have Facebook account, google account and a mail account set up on this unit.

    Some observations that I hope will lead to some resolutions:
    When connected to WiFi - phone contstantly reboots for no apparent reason. Simply wake the phone up and it reboots. Reviewing calendar - phone reboots and etc.
    Airplane Mode - I do not get very good reception while in my office so I put the phone in airplane mode and turn off the screen (sleep). If I wake the phone up every couple of minutes, no issues. If I let the phone sit for more than a couple of minutes, the phone becomes unresponsive and the only solution is a battery pull.
    I have reset to factory 3 times already and the same issues are present after each reset.
    I am willing to provide more of my phone settings to assist in finding a solution to the issues I am having with this phone. I really want to like this phone but it is a challenge at this point.
  16. rmonty

    rmonty Active Member

    I replaced my 1st phone since it had dead pixels. The 2nd phone I had worked good for a couple of days then started rebooting every 6 minutes. Very annoying. I took it to the store and they said it was a bad battery, so they gave me another battery. Charged it up at home and then the phone started rebooting again every 6 minutes. I did multiple hard resets before I took it in the 1st time and nothing seemed to fix it. When I took it back again they exchanged it with a new one. No problems for a week now.
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  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Guarantee it does - you can monitor your logs in Android System Info (Electric Sheep) and see it happen (if you like watching paint dry ;)).

    Low memory limits for that are also displayed by that app.

    There is a set low memory limits, increasing in severity, so that the operating system can always recover.

    A rogue app (by bad design or bad install) can do nearly anything.

    When hard resets and app removals don't cut it, replacement is seeming the way to go - it's a hardware issue. I've seen this happen on PCs with bad memory chips - could be a similar situation here. No OS can manage bad memory.
  18. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    Just got my replacement EVO 3D. I'll report back in a couple of days on the experience with it.
  19. j10376

    j10376 New Member

    I have two evo 3d's one has the problem and one does not have the problem. What happens is the screen goes off and you cannot get it back on without pulling battery the phone is not locked up if you call the phone it will ring and you can get the cap buttons to light up if you hit the power buttuon a couple of times if others could test to see if the phone still rings I think they will find the same so my conclusion is its the screen not the phone locking up. I have done a hard reset and I have tested to make sure it not a installed app causing the problem it does with factory installed apps. I have exchanged the device and the new one is doing the same thing. I have checked to see if there the same harware versions 0002 and they are. I remember the evo 4g had a few different hardware versions such as different screens.
  20. cmcollins001

    cmcollins001 Well-Known Member

    As EarlyMon stated, Android does close out background apps when the memory gets low, but to the best of my knowledge, I had a bad app or two. Again, I can't say which one(s) they were, I've only recently been limiting myself to the apps I know are good and what I've needed. Now when I install more apps, I am keeping track of how they change the way the phone acts.

    As far as what I would quantify as low would be around 15-20% remaining.

    The phone seems to be running pretty stable now and has for the last week. I'm well within my 30 days for an exchange, so for the time being, I'm happy with the phone and don't see the need in an exchange unless it starts to act up again.
  21. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    Dangit. My replacement phone just had a lockup. Had to remove the battery to restart it and get it to respond. Major :-(

    EDIT: Locked up again less than 1 hour later. :-(

    Both times, it was just sitting in my phone case.

    The only other problem is, about 1 hour after I got this replacement phone, I noticed the CDMA radio was switching on and off about once every 2 seconds. At least that's what the display said--it alternated between a 4/5 bar reading (was close to a tower) and the X on the top left of grayed out bars, indicating that it has no signal (?).

    Rebooting it did not fix; still alternated between signal and no signal once every 2 second.

    Fixed with a factory reset, and I even did it using the procedure where you hold down the volume down button while powering it on. Had to disable the fast boot to get that to happen.

    That was all last night. It's been rock solid until 1 hour ago today.
  22. JunBringer

    JunBringer Well-Known Member

    So I've had a few lockups and reboots since I posted last. It did the black screen with lit up buttons thing like twice and had a couple reboots. Maybe it's the battery being too hot, cause it does get a little hot sometimes (plus that would make it one problem and not two, which I would prefer)
  23. dekebro

    dekebro Member

    Got mine last Tuesday. On Wednesday, it froze on 3 occasions and rebooted twice. Since then, no problems at all.
  24. rainwalker

    rainwalker New Member

    also experiencing random reboots & black screen/4 lighted buttons (BS4LBs). started a few hours after i installed both hand cent app and updated tunewiki. was in my pocket during a long commute home, got fairly heated up (first time that's happened, i think), and i noticed it was randomly rebooting. once i tried using it i started getting the BS4LBs and had to do battery pulls. first i uninstalled those apps, which didn't seem to help. then i noticed that when i opened task manager, nothing at all appeared ("Settings" or "Task Manager" or whatever used to appear), memory usually seemed relatively low (~400mb), and phone was particularly prone to the BS4LBs. after a few reboots i decided i was just going to do a factory reset so i started going through apps to save any important settings. i only loaded a couple, including FPse. after this, i noticed that the system seemed a little more responsive so risked going into my task manager. lo and behold, items were listed again. memory was still low, but phone was more responsive.

    two more situational facts: 1) i live in phoenix suburbs, which have particularly awful sprint towers, which cause me to lose signal very, very frequently, and i am often switched to roaming mode. 2) i tried at one point to download an alternate task killer but the market crashed and, along with it, i started receiving various system service crash messages (phone.android.com and some such). task bar eventually disappeared and wouldn't be force stopped/restarted until hard reset.

    i upgraded from an htc hero which gave me all manner of headaches to this, which is rapidly on its way. if this doesn't get better, my next upgrade will be a $30 phone, no doubt. i guess i'll wait for the next OTA updates or ask the reps if they'll do a replacement. technological innovation is fast out-pacing QA. what a pain.
  25. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    Isn't it true that apps are generally not loaded until invoked? Sure, some apps may be invoked automagically, like apps that respond to system events, but barring those, seems like installed apps shouldn't be a factor unless they are running?

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