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  1. rainwalker

    rainwalker New Member

    that'd be interesting, nova, because the problems and drops in free memory didn't occur until after the installs. i can't think of anything else that was different :confused:

  2. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    This is really frustrating.

    My first EVO 3D had routine problems with random reboots and lockups (where battery R&R was required to get it to respond).

    Now my replacement EVO 3D is doing the same. Chronology:
    • Day 1: get the new one about 4:45 PM. At around 6:30, in area with great signal strength, and find that phone's signal strength indicator is bouncing between 4/5 bars and no signal (all bars grayed out with an X superimposed). Reboot had no effect. Had to hard reset to fix. This was the hard reset where you disable the fast start and hold the volume down button while powering on.
    • Day 2: While idle (either in belt holder or sitting on a table--cannot remember), phone became unresponsive and required battery R&R. I admittedly tried one of those temp roots, so I did another hard reset to flush out anything bad.
    • Day 3: Just got through using Google Reader. Put phone in belt holder. A few minutes later, I felt a vibration. Pulled phone out and noticed it was rebooting. Put it back in holder. 10 minutes later, I get a phone call. Drag the X to the loop to send the call to voicemail. Then enter my 4 digit PIN to sign in (required per corporate ActiveSync policy), and all I see is the white screen with HTC for a few minutes. Phone finally shows main screen, but acts sluggishly. I didn't try to do anything, just let it sit there. Within a couple of minutes, phone spontaneously reboots again. Ugh. Let it reboot, seems to come up more quickly this time, but I didn't touch anything. Within a couple of minutes, phone spontaneously reboots again (third time!). And there's even more! 30 minutes later, the phone powered itself down, even though it was sitting in my belt holder and is protected by a PIN. I was able to revive it by powering it back on.
    • Day 4: While I was typing someone's name into the box at the top of my People screen, it locked up but the 4 buttons stayed lit. Had to R&R the battery to get it to respond.

    At no time has my battery been particularly low. Right now it's at about 40%, and that's the lowest it's been since I got it.

    Do I really have 2 bad phones in a row? Or is something wrong with the EVO 3D?
  3. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    By the way, I think that every time the phone locked up or rebooted, the top half of the phone was pretty warm. Not sure if this is because of CPU or radio use or both. The battery wasn't nearly as warm but wasn't exactly cold, either.

    As a diagnostic step, I've pared down my applications to a minimum. I'll see if that does anything.
  4. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    It's either configuration (like maybe a bad app or app combo as you suspect) or just bad luck on the replacement. Many aren't having this problem so it's not a design problem.
  5. momoceio

    momoceio Well-Known Member

    My replacement has been rock solid...no issues yet.
  6. xWhyTryy

    xWhyTryy New Member

    Ive had my 3D since Friday and I've had several issues.
    Random reboots.
    Freezing and having to pull the battery.
    In the task manager I have 803 MB of memory anywhere from 500-600 mb is in use all the time with nothing running when it gets close to 800 it freezes and shuts off... Is there any way to increase it from 803??
    If I switch around to quick from stuff it freezes and I have to pull my battery.
    all of my stuff is up to date by the way.

    Thanks Ryan.
  7. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I'd start with a hard reset and not installing a bunch of stuff for a few days and see how it does. Chances are it's an app or combination of apps you installed that's causing it. If it still locks up take it back asap and swap it for another one while you still can. Mine hasn't locked up once since I got it on launch day...
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  8. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Well-Known Member

    For more on system memory, check out this thread with lots of great info:
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  9. asiangolfer

    asiangolfer Well-Known Member

    Also having random reboots :confused: and experiencing the default icon issue once my 3vo restarts. sucks!
  10. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    yep - this worked on the EVO 4G, and works on the EVO 3D too. I'm told (by HTC) that this happens because the phone is not able to read the icon image files from the microSD card (for the apps that were pushed to microSD) before SENSE loads up completely - and for some reason, they do not reload the icons after that (unless you either kill the sense related task, or change the scene - that forces reload)
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  11. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    This is just a theory, but all I have so far.

    Again, I'm on my 2nd EVO 3D but still getting lockups and random reboots. At this point, it's unlikely I have a hardware problem.

    What may differentiate me from everyone else is I use ActiveSync to synchronize my email, contacts, and calendar with a corporate Exchange server.

    The EVO 3D's ActiveSync program, which I assume is native to Android, makes me agree to some security policies specified by our Exchange admins. They are:
    • Erase all data Perform a factory reset, which deletes all of your data without any confirmation. (Note: this only happens after 8 consecutive bad PIN attempts.)
    • Set password rules Restrict the types of passwords that you are allowed to use.
    • Monitor screen-unlock attempts Monitor failed attempts to log into your device.
    • Lock the screen Control when your device locks, requiring that you re-enter your password
    • Device function limitation Restrict some functions on device like Wifi, Bluetooth, Camera etc.

    Does anyone else connect to Exchange and/or do you have nonstandard security settings like what I had to accept?

    I just did another factory reset (where you hold the volume down button while booting and use that ROM menu), and I am trying this all over without using ActiveSync. I'm just going to IMAP over my corporate mail. That way, I can avoid these security policies.

    I wonder if that will make a difference?
  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

  13. Vanquished

    Vanquished Well-Known Member

    I had it reboot on me once...I can't remember exactly what I was doing either. I never had my EVO 4G reboot on me until I started installing different ROMs/kernals and overclocking it.
  14. EVO3D

    EVO3D Active Member

    My phone randomly rebooted last night, I had just went to the music player to listen to a song and the phone decided to shut down and reboot. Afterwards, everything came back fine.

    I suspect my phone has done this once or twice before.
  15. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    The power on PIN was all numbers, and I do see that one post where someone claimed that switching to alphanumeric fixed it.

    Still, these problems seemed like constant reboots? I'd have 0-5 reboots or lockups a day. Still annoying, but much lower frequency.
  16. IAmSixNine

    IAmSixNine Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Mine is working great.
    If i had a device that was locking up and rebooting. I would perform a hard reset.
    Check if any updates are available. Then start to add my apps. Dont do a restore. Simply install the apps from the market place and set them up from scratch.
    If its still freezing, power cycling or what ever go to a store. Might be a hardware issue.
  17. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Not saying that I know that was the answer, just that I remembered that about ActiveSync from last year in the Evo forum (or... someplace around here...).
  18. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    I'm now more than 24 hours without ActiveSync, and no stability problems. We'll see if this is a permanent fix!
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  19. Johnny Android

    Johnny Android New Member

    During the first week I had my 3VO, it was rebooting frequently. I tried deleting different apps but still rebooting. I even did a factory reset and still kept rebooting after that. I finally went back to the Sprint store and replaced the phone. Its been 5 days since replacing phone and it has not once rebooted itself.
  20. venture7o7

    venture7o7 New Member

    Same here, phone keeps randomly rebooting and on numberous occassions phone would lock up with screen not turning on with four bottom buttons lit. I am hoping this is a software related issue which an update can fix. And these problems continued after i called sprint the first week of owning it and they reset my data, had me do all system updates, battery out/in reboot, etc. It seemed to have fixed the freezing issue i had playing spiderman 3D(phone would randomly freeze while playing) But the locking up of phone and random reboots still continues.
  21. thall1621

    thall1621 Member

    ok so i just got my evo3d friday night, it is now sunday night. since 8pm last night my phone has been rebooting every 3 or 4 min. i have tried everything, battery pull, switch different settings, remove some apps, updates, i even did a factory reset and wiped EVERYTHING and with no apps or anything installed still it is rebooting every 5 min or so. i cant respond to txt in time before it shuts off, i cant make calls or even check voice mail. im very unhappy with this upgrade, i should have kept my evo4g. i have read several different websites and forums and still can not solve this issue. im gonna take my phone in tomorrow and see if they can swap it out
  22. onpointG35

    onpointG35 Well-Known Member

    Its a real shame hearing ur situation especially since u came from the original evo which I'm assuming u didn't have that problem before. You did enough next step exchange for a new one n hope that will fix that issue.
  23. onpointG35

    onpointG35 Well-Known Member

    I'm curious for those experiencing these random reboots, can you tell us is there anything you turn on to trigger it ie: wifi, 4g. I remember having issues when I had my moto cliq xt
  24. dtblair24

    dtblair24 Member

    Happy to report that I had my first random reboot two days ago, after 3 weeks of owning the phone. I am guessing it had to do with some apps messing up. I took the phone out of my pocket and it locked up and performed a quick reboot.
  25. novasource

    novasource Active Member

    I am disappointed to report that losing ActiveSync has reduced but not eliminated my random reboots, lockups, or power offs. I had several days of trouble free use until I went on a 4 day trip, which went through some areas with marginal signal. Several times, the phone acted up, even one when I click on Maps from my applications menu.

    The ONLY commonality among all these lockups, reboots, or power offs is that the top half of the phone's back is warm. Otherwise, I cannot identify any commonalities.

    It's as if the phone acts goofy when it's having to fight to get a signal?

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