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  1. Irishk8lin

    Irishk8lin New Member

    Hi everyone. I've had the droid 3 for about 8 months now. I have been having issues with the phone randomly rebooting itself since February. I went to verizon 3 different times and got three different answers. They first said it was one of my apps, it was the battery, it was my SD card. It seems they don't really know. I received my replacement phone on Wednesday... and it is having the same issues. Is this a common issue with the droid 3? I have to say I am pretty frustrated with it. I want a different phone but I have a feeling Verizon is going to keep sending the Droid 3... Since I got my replacement phone I have only downloaded Twitter, facebook, and Instagram.

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I had very occasional random restarts with my D3 - once a month at most - until I received the over the air update to 906 in May, and it has only happened once since.

    It's possible that it's the battery - perhaps the terminal connections are bad? If you've tried a new phone and battery, it's probably not that, though. Since you have so few apps on the replacement phone it's probably not an app.

    Try calling for a new handset (ask them to send a battery as well, in order to rule that out.)
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  3. Irishk8lin

    Irishk8lin New Member

    They booted my replacement phone in safe mode to rule out app issues. If that doesn't work then they were going to hard reset the phone. It's just very frustrating to have continual issues. I'll give the battery a try though. Thank you very much.

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