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  1. Spikezor

    Spikezor New Member

    I went to make a call earlier and the phone rebooted. I've had the device for two weeks and so far it's been flawless (really), so I didn't think much about it.

    Now about an hour and a half later the phone rebooted again, this time I wasn't even using it. I just saw the Virgin Mobile screen out of the corner of my eye as it sat on my desk.

    My phone is completely stock and the only app that's been running is Juice Defender.

    This might be nothing more than a hiccup but I thought I'd post it in case other people experienced the same thing. I know some HTC phones are infamous for random reboots and such, so just keeping an eye on it.

  2. jaman29

    jaman29 Well-Known Member

    I havent noticed this but I will definitely be watching for it now. Ive had mine about a week.

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