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  1. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    Just got the X2 this afternoon. After getting all my apps up and running, the phone has rebooted twice on me. Anyone else having this issue? Is everyone un-installing Flash? I haven't really done anything online with it. Just getting apps up and running. I have 2 exchange accounts, a google account and Google voice all syncing to it. Not to mentions twitter and facebook. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    Mine's rebooted a max of 5 times in the little over a week I've owned it. The only "problem" time it's done it was two of the times it happened it was on the charger and just kinda turned itself off. It being off means my alarm didn't go off!!! I lucked out and just happened to wake up on my own in time to still make it to my summer class, but that wasn't cool.
  3. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    The darn thing just rebooted again. Now it says my memory card is corrupt! I left the Verizon store at 2:30 this afternoon.
  4. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    And it just rebooted again. it was up for a total of 13 minutes. Taking it back. Going to try another one.
  5. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    And a 5th time. All the stores are closed for the night. Will have to take it back tomorrow. :( Not sure what I would have installed that would be causing all these problems. Have it plugged into the power supply it came with. Hoping I just got a bum unit!
  6. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    ^Yeah, it's sounding like you got a lemon. Mine's been pretty much problem free (with the exception of what I mentioned). Runs buttery smooth, without lag, and doesn't seem to have the issues everyone else's does....
  7. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    Have you had any of the music issues? Mine pops and studders as well. And it gets hot. Like crazy hot. Hotter then my OGD ever got.
  8. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    My audio was popping, but I've frozen a lot of bloat, run the V6 Supercharger script, set some apps to auto-kill, and set Flash to only open on command. I don't know when the issue was resolved, but no more pops. My phone works awesome. Best part is that all of the things I listed were super easy to do, so there's really no reason not to.
  9. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    before I go and root mine. I think I'm going to take it back and b$tch. Get a different one. then maybe root it. IDK, I think it is ridiculous, I paid over 300 for the phone an all accessories, you would think they would have this crap iron'd out before they release them to the world.
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  10. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    You got a good walk through to root, Freeze, supercharge, and auto kill?
  11. aostang

    aostang Well-Known Member

    Glad it's all working. :) It was probably a combination of castrating Flash and the V6 changes that fixed the popping. It's Flash choking the CPU and the poor stock memory configuration that are causing the problems with multitasking.
  12. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    Download GingerBreak. Click a couple buttons and, BAM, you're rooted. A lot of people then buy Titanium Backup, but I went with Bloat Freezer ($1 on the market) and froze a good handful of stuff (there's a comprehensive list floating around that I can link you to if need be). I've only added a few things to the auto-kill (like the facebook app), but I might add more, if I find anything that sticks out.

    Well, I'd listened to some music after "fixing" Flash, but before the V6 changes, and didn't have any pops. I'd say the Flash thing was the biggest thing toward fixing that.
  13. i_am_booked

    i_am_booked Well-Known Member

    i've seen my x2 get to 122 degrees while listening to music and using google nav but it never rebooted while doing that. i get random reboots every once in a while but not 5 times in one day, thats insane. i would take it back immediately. im on my second x2 because my first was rebooting, getting really really hot, skipping music, etc. now i realize that they all do that to an extent. motorola and vzw really fudged the pooch on this device, at least till it gets some updates.
  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The reboots happen if hot or not. Most of my reboots were while browsing, playing Flash and MP4 videos. None of the cases was the device above 105 degrees and one time was when simply updating apps in the market.

    The firmware is flaky and the memory allocation is screwed up. A shame considering the device potential, but nursing the memory like it is a 256mb Droid 1 should tell folks something is not right.

    Seems Motorola should have spent less time making instruction videos for the DX2 and more time actually testing the function of the device.
  15. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    IDK what to do. I like the phone. I really do, the screen is nice, it can be really speedy. But the bugs. I was hoping that I would have to manage the phone so much, I cam from a Droid 1 that was rooted and I'm actually a little tired of having to update ROM's and such. Was hoping to have a fast phone in which I didn't need to under-clock to keep it cool. I'm taking it back, and making sure they don't count it as my 1 return in 14 day policy. It rebooted on my 3 times in my bedside dock, and then twice on my way to work. I wasn't doing anything with it, it was just sitting there.
  16. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    My son's Droid 1 performs better and more stable than the DX2, due to the issues. I will stick with my Incredible for now- at least until the Bionic is released, or an update is released to fix the DX2 issues. Based on my discussions with level 2 Motorola techs, I am not optimistic this will happen- unless the Gingerbread update fixes allocation issues of memory (not likely).
  17. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    The people having the rebooting issues, were you running Google Voice by chance? I factory reset mine last night, set up all my email accounts (2 exchange, 1 gmail), my twitter and FB account ( using the built in functionality) and then installed one app, Google Voice. And the phone still rebooted. Was wondering if the people who aren't having the reboot issues are the ones who aren't using Google Voice.
  18. bigheadedderp

    bigheadedderp New Member

    I brought my first X2 back to the store after it rebooted three times in 2 hours. My second X2 lasted three days before it rebooted. No rhyme or reason as to what is causing the reboots. I had one app installed. Widget locker drove it insane. I also get a mix of restarts, sometimes it does a full restart where you get the Moto Logo where it says "dual core technology", and then sometimes I go straight to the red eye and it doesn't go through the startup routine with activating the SD card. Verizon is giving me two days to mull over the possibility of switching to a refurbed thunderbolt, Moto is sending me a free battery.

    I've purchased $75 bucks worth of accessories for it and love it when it's working. I think all the 4G phones out right now are just last year's phones with a 4G antenna MacGuyvered into them. I think I'm going to hold onto it for now (unless the reboots get really nutty). What do you guys plan to do?

    P.S. It's a stock phone, no root.
  19. Stick1300

    Stick1300 Well-Known Member

    Mine rebooted on me once yesterday. I was streaming Pandora and tried to open the Camera (which I realized probably wouldn't end well, as I clicked it). I guess that brings me up to 6 reboots in about two weeks. Nothing I can't handle.
  20. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    The only reboots my wife has seen on her X2 is when it's in the multimedia dock. She is bone stock and has about 80 or 90 apps installed now, I think.
  21. brocja01

    brocja01 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've had a good turn of events with my X2, and I thought I would let you all know. If anyone of you are having crazy random reboots like I was. My phone was rebooting what seems like constantly I may have a fix.

    I went back to my Verizon store yesterday, for one more exchange. Told myself, if the 3rd X2 didn't work, I was going to take it back and wait till something else came out. After the guy put my original memory card in the phone, activated it, he was on the computer doing some stuff and I happen to look over at my X2, it had just rebooted. I go to the guy, "see, it just rebooted". So we take it over to the "tech" department in the store and as the guy is holding it, waking it up from sleep (the only time it would reboot by the way) it rebooted again. Right in his hand. This was my 3 new device in 3 days. So, these two goobers (although my sales guy has been awesome with me the last 3 days) were talking this out I started thinking, what is the same in all of these devices? It wasn't the software, because X3 had just been activated, the only thing I had done was log into my Google account. The only thing that was the same was the memory card. It was the same memory card that I had in the very 1st X2. I just kept having them swipe them out and putting the original in.

    We took the card out, sat there for 15 minutes or so and the phone never rebooted. So they copied my images and stuff off of that one and onto the one that was supposed to come with the 3rd X2 and now I've been up and running for over 16 hours. No reboots, nothing.

    So to make a very long story short, if you are experiencing a bunch of random reboots, I'm thinking that they may have a bad batch of micro SD cards. Try taking the card out and see if that fixes your rebooting. If it does, take the card back to the store and tell them to get you a new one.
  22. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I never used the 8gb, besides activating. Used a 32gb that works fine in the Incredible, N900, A500 and gTablet. The DX2 rebooted playing mp4s, Flash, browsing the web and while downloading apps in the market.

    Still always good to try and peg the issues. I think most if not all issues are due to bad memory allocations.
  23. MrWilliams

    MrWilliams Well-Known Member

    The only issue I've had is the phone running a little hot... That hasn't caused any problems as of yet, so I guess I shouldn't consider it an issue.

    One the subject of reboots. I've not experienced a single one. I came from a Droid Pro (awesome phone by the way if you can handle the small screen). I bought it on release day and had major rebooting issues from the time I left the store with it. A lot of people were having the same issue. After weeks of troubleshooting with no success, the first OTA update was released and the issue seemed to be resolved. I did upgrade to a larger memory card around the same time, so the memory card could have been the issue. I would think that most of us have some spare cards laying around, so it's worth a shot to swap them out and see if the memory cards are the culprit.

    It also may be worth browsing through the Droid Pro forum to see how they have resolved the rebooting issue.

    I consider myself lucky. My DX2 has been buttery smooth since I took it out of the box. Not a single issue! This is my 4th Android device and so far, it's blown all of the other away. The screen is F'ing HUGE. The battery life is phenomenal for a device with such a large screen. I can't wait for the devs to start working their magic. I did get to use GingerBread for a week or so on the Pro before I switched. GingerBread was a MAJOR upgrade from Froyo. The look and feel are very similar, but the increase in performance of my Pro was very noticeable. When GingerBread drops on the DX2, I expect the same will be true.
  24. hockeyfrog127

    hockeyfrog127 Member

    I had the reboot problem after about a week. Around the same time I noticed the stock SD Card wouldn't mount and was always "unavailable" Returned the SD card got a replacement. Seemed to work smoothly enough but a couple days ago I got the SD card error again.

    I rebooted, and all was fine. Yesterday, after a 20 minute phone conversation, I got a reboot. Today after a couple of extended conversations, got a couple more reboots. Not sure I should try to replace the phone or just the SD card again.

    Argh...I love this phone too.
  25. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    Hmmmm....... I've yet to experience one instance of this in the week I've been running mine. Am I lucky and just jinxed myself? :eek:

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