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  1. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    Today my S3 started randomly rebooting itself. Never had this issue until now but it's done it 3 times since I woke up this morning. Each time it happened I noticed that the battery "time" would then be off - for example instead of it saying it being 5 hours and 30 minutes on battery, it now says 2h 21m 25s on battery (and just rebooted itself not 10 minutes ago). I had it fully charged 5 1/2 hours ago so know this is inaccurate.

    This is the screen cap I took: not sure what that vertical line means in terms of battery dropoff from when it restarted itself? Any ideas of what can be causing this? I just installed the Swype beta yesterday (but haven't read this has been an issue for anyone else) and no other app downloads otherwise.

    Is it still possible to return it if the problem persists? I'm on Verizon (received the phone on the 10th) and don't have insurance but am not sure how their warranty works.


  2. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Try uninstalling swype and reboot after you uninstall sometimes apps will cause problems
  3. Darkax

    Darkax Well-Known Member

    My phone did the same. I have lots of apps but i never had the issue before. It just rebooted itself. If problem persits i am going to return the phone.
  4. djedgarftw

    djedgarftw Well-Known Member

    Some apps might act against the system causeing it to reboot one of the apps i have seen problems with is android assistant and i have experinced it myself and it is not the phone it is the app
  5. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    No luck with Swype. Happened today even after I uninstalled. I think I've found the cause though...when I bump the bottom of the phone it reboots. Not even very hard at all...but a light tap will usually do it during my "tests". Not sure why it's so sensitive but it's driving me crazy. Also not sure if a hard reset will help or if its possible to exchange at this point?
  6. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    hmm. even with a full battery pull, I couldnt cause any issue in the graph or time.

    Judging by the light tap, I would guess a short.

    You definitely need to take it into the store and talk to them asap. That does not sound like an app causing it.
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  7. alison03

    alison03 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Such a bummer! I'll bring it in tomorrow and see what they say!
  8. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    anyone still have these reboots with JB?

    I never had any with ICS, but experienced about 4 in the last week
  9. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    If you continue to have issues with the phone, I'm pretty sure you can take it back to a Verizon store if it's still under warranty & exchange it, at least I would hope so. Just spent 2 years with cruddy Virgin Mobile & all you had to do was mail your phone back to them (no physical stores) within the warranty period & they'd send you a replacement.
  10. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    Problem is that you will get a refurbished device
  11. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    6 of 1, half dozen of another, right? If it's a serious enough issue, id say you're better off rolling the dice & going with the refurb. If it's something simple you can live with, maybe not such a great idea.
  12. eyecon82

    eyecon82 Well-Known Member

    i doubt its an issue with the phone.....if you google JB random reboots, there are multiple threads everywhere regarding it...

    makes me think its an OS issue

    btw, im on sprint
  13. Scrappi

    Scrappi New Member

    After reading your post, I did the same thing to my phone... I tapped it and it shut down!! I called Sprint and fortunately my phone is still under warranty. I'm taking it in today to get it repaired.

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