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  1. Shimmy7

    Shimmy7 Member

    Hi, all. I'm experiencing some sudden, difficult-to-explain random reboots. I've had the phone for two days. I haven't had any problems until today. The one thing I did differently today was turn on the phone after I plugged it in. Other than that, nothing different. Taking out the SIM stopped the reboots, but I kinda need it:) I turned the phone off the proper way and turned it back on. I then plugged it in and there were no reboots. I unplugged it and they started again. This SIM works fine in my other phone. Also, the reboots only occur when the phone is idle, probably within five minutes of my last interaction with it. If I keep using it, no reboots.

    Normally, I do my own problem-solving, but it's a new phone for me (I have no background with it) and I can't really wrap my head around this. It worked fine for two days and I used it for awhile yesterday after installing a few new apps. I really don't think it's an app. Any ideas?

  2. Shimmy7

    Shimmy7 Member

    Changing the display's time-out to "never" has stopped the reboots. That's by no means a fix. It's more a highly-effective Band-Aid. The default was "10 minutes" and there were no problems until today.

    I'm still looking for the real problem/solution.


    Well, it worked for awhile. There was another reboot, but it took about thirty minutes to happen. Still looking around...
  3. crossties

    crossties Member

    Have you gotten any help about this yet? It is frustrating that I keep finding posts of issues, but no solutions. Have you found a different board or thread for help?

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