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  1. suvlady

    suvlady Active Member

    Has anyone noticed their phone randomly rebooting? I'm speaking the the HTC EVO V 4G. I was holding it once and last night, while it was charging behind me, it randomly rebooted.

    I had this problem with the Triumph, but I didn't think this phone was going to do that.

    Any input would be appreciated!

  2. mysticalnyte

    mysticalnyte Well-Known Member

    Are you overclocked to high?
    Maybe clearing Dalvik and cache and/or reinstalling the ROM you're using.
  3. Larzuk

    Larzuk Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's an overclock issue as mine did the same thing the other night, All Stock....Interestingly enough, It also was charging. After that it started acting weird. Seemed a tad slower, WIFI which worked fine for several weeks began to not want to connect when I woke it back up, at which point I was forced to toggle the WiFi. All of these things that were non existent before it crashed and rebooted. Afterwards it wanted to send a Error Report to HTC. I'm still within 30 days of purchase, So I'm just going to take it back for another one even though it may just be in my head, Who knows.
  4. suvlady

    suvlady Active Member

    Mine is on the stock rom. I've only had it about 10 days. I don't leave the Wifi on unless I'm using it. I'm wondering how often it is rebooting in my purse without me knowing it. I'm also within my 30 days, so I'm beginning to question my decision.
  5. rweeks

    rweeks Member

    My phone rebooted this morning, also while charging. Noticed it when I heard that god awful vm start up. It was kind of strange because I use silent boot to get rid of it. It asked me if I wanted to notify HTC because of the reboot ( I did) by the way, I am running stock.
  6. jonny30bass

    jonny30bass Active Member

    i have been having similar issues. my phone has slowly gotten more laggy over time and my battery is getting a lot worse. im about to try to flash the RUU and start from scratch to see if my issues will get solved.

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