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Random Restarting & Battery Loss Issue Help!Support

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  1. jackiedroid

    jackiedroid Member

    Hello people, I need some help! In July I switched from my iPhone 4 to the Galaxy s3 (AT&T) The first one I got might have been a dud, because it was very slow and glitchy. They eventually sent me another one and it seemed okay up until now. A few days ago I was watching a TV show, and out of nowhere my phone restarted itself. Then today, it happened again while I was texting someone. No warning at all, just boom resetting. Then I looked at my battery stats today and I lost about 4-5% battery when it restarted.

    Also, I've been having definite battery issues, I think ever since I updated to Jelly Bean. It barely lasts 9 hours now! Used to last 13-15 hours. I use Automatic Task Killer and Automate It Pro so that when I turn off my screen, wifi and data go off and I kill tasks with the ATK widget before I lock the screen, but it is still definitely draining battery WAY faster than before Jelly Bean.

    I really don't want a new phone, I have this one set up just the way I like and it takes FOREVER to get it back to the way I want, and I already did that when I got my 2nd S3. Any help on what the restarting is all about, or tips on helping with the battery?

  2. silentwitness

    silentwitness Well-Known Member

  3. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

  4. lvgdgts

    lvgdgts Member

    I did the JB update yesterday and was fine. Today, however, I was having all kinds of freezes and random resets. I went ahead and did a factory reset and have been fine ever since.

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