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Random Screen FlickeringSupport

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  1. thecarlsoncrew

    thecarlsoncrew Well-Known Member

    My Razr Maxx has developed a random oddity. Every now and then (maybe every couple of weeks) the screen will start flickering as if it's repainting all of the pixels as white, then back to what they should be. I cannot see any degradation in performance or function other than the screen flashing. It seems like it starts slowly and speeds up for a few seconds, then stops as abruptly as it started. There's no apparent cause, and no apparent pattern to when it happens. In fact, it's so random that I've had a hard time capturing it with another camera...until today! A brief 30-second video can be seen here to show what I'm talking about. The phone is approaching 2 years old and thus well out of warranty, but I've taken very good care of it and it's in excellent condition (no drops throughout its lifetime).

    Has anyone seen this before? Anyone have any ideas about what's causing this, and what (if anything) can be done about it?

  2. MasterGadgets

    MasterGadgets Well-Known Member

    Could it be the launcher you are using?
  3. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    I get it too, but it's not quite the same. Mine just flickers, like an old TV that needs to get smacked! Saw it posted somewhere else and they attributed it to a cold phone. Whenever the screen was colder than usual (going out in 30-40 degree weather), the screen would flicker. Personally, I didn't see that as the cause, but I still can't figure it out. If I restart the phone, it goes away. I use Nova Prime as my launcher, so if that is a possible cause, maybe you can validate if you are using Nova too??
  4. thecarlsoncrew

    thecarlsoncrew Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that when I go running early in the mornings, the entire screen washes out white due to the cold (it comes back after just a couple minutes in warm air again). This flickering is definitely different, though - the example video was taken while the phone was sitting on my desk, and had been sitting on my desk for several hours at room temperature.

    The launcher question might be onto something, though. I switched from Go EX to Nova Prime a while back to avoid Go's obnoxious ad-pushing. It seems to me that the flicker had happened prior to the launcher switch a couple times, but my memory of things may not be accurate there. Can anyone else confirm (or deny) this with Nova Prime? If so, then we may have our answer...
  5. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    It could be the light sensor, either a bit obscured by grease/debris/dirt/sweat or dust.

    Also, I've seen it reported that when the brightness is set to various levels (some high, some low, etc) once changed the flicker goes away.

    And, if it seems temperature is affecting it, it could be that the difference between the ambient temperature (as in running being outside in cold weather) and your hand or body temp from in your pocket, may be sending conflicting info to the sensors/screen etc.

    It's reported in iPhone forums as well, by the way.
  6. mahers

    mahers Well-Known Member

    Whatever it is, it gives me a headache. Feels like my eyes are twitching
  7. cmp326

    cmp326 New Member

    Yuppp I use Nova launcher prime
    I installed it about two months ago and just recently noticed my screen flickers as if it's transitioning partly between screens rapidly. I turn my cell off and then on again and that seems to temporarily fix it.
  8. thecarlsoncrew

    thecarlsoncrew Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: this is NOT related to Nova Launcher (at least not in my case). The flicker reared its ugly head two or three times in the past week so I started using Apex this weekend. Much to my extreme aggravation, the flicker showed up this morning on the way to work. So...we're back to square one. Given that I've performed at least one FDR and clean reinstall (long story) over the past few weeks, it seems unlikely to be due to any software issue so I'm guessing it's hardware related.

    Anyone know anything for sure, or are we all just speculating together?

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