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  1. tasiagp

    tasiagp New Member

    I have a lg optimus 500. It seems to randomly shut down. No paticular time of day.

    Anyone else have this problem??? Or did I just buy a lemon??


  2. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member

    i wouldnt call mine shutdown. instead it rebooted (i saw the android word) or whatever that action was (but i checked the last time it was shutdown did not tally with the "reboot" time). everytime this happened, i noticed SD card it automatically "removed". i have just received in my post an 8gb class 4 san disk card and swapped out the default card. so far no problem. it used to have some error messages relating to sd card every 2-3 hrs. :mad: u may want to check out if your SD card is still mounted after your shutdown or reboot. i suspect that is the culprit.
  3. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member

    i spoke too soon.. my san disk card is giving the same problem as well.. SD card removed by itself. its getting to be irritating when i have to reboot the phone every time this happens. :mad:
  4. bluffmaster79

    bluffmaster79 New Member

    Hi I am having same problem of automatically removel of SD card. I am using 4GB card insted of default card. Is this problem or else???????
  5. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member


    i seriously think it is problem with the phone now. but p500 is a very good phone, the dual antenna gives me a signal boost in my workplace which has extremely poor reception. i will just wait for firmware update and hopefully that will rectify the issue.

    ** btw, i noticed although my san disk 8gb was unmounted, it seemed to automatically mount back. i didnt do any reboot and the card was seen by the phone when i next checked it :) with the default card, reboot is a must to have the card re-detected.
  6. justlhiz

    justlhiz New Member

    i also have this problem.. i bought it only last tuesday and been using for 4 days now.. it shutdown automatically at any time of the day even it is fully charge... it happens every day... :(:(:( and the sounds when making a call is bad..
  7. alanbingham27

    alanbingham27 Well-Known Member

    Tasiagp, I am having the same problem. I have had 2 O1 since December 2010, the first I had to take back as it got so much dust under the screen it had ti be replaced within 4 weeks. The second is causing me major problems with hust constantly freezing and restarting. It can just freeze whether I am in an app, text message, market or the internet, it will freeze and stay in the same screen for about 30secs before it restarts. Whenever it restarts it does say something about the SD card unmounted I think, I have read a lot recently about getting a class 4 SD card. The phone also tells me to update the firmware but I can't as the PC Suite never recognises my phone. Also, this second O1 I am on has a load of dust under the screen. I contacted LG as I am fed up with this phone, they told me to do a factory reset which I will do soon and if it doesn't work to send it off for repair. If I am honest if I cpuld take this back to the retailer and replace it with a new handset I would.
  8. Saturna

    Saturna New Member

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