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  1. MrHowl

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    TL;DR: new phone, updated to ICS, now it shuts down randomly and won't turn back on. Help?

    Hi all, I'm new the forums and only got my Note a couple of days ago. I was super pleased with it initially, and even happier to have the ICS OTA update roll out after only a day or two of ownership.

    Because I've had the phone so little time, I can't be sure it's ICS that's messed it up - I've downloaded dozens of apps, fiddled with settings, etc. I haven't rooted it (never tried that).

    The trouble is that yesterday it started crashing and shutting itself down for no reason. Sometimes it would reboot without warning, whether it was in use or not, sometimes just shut down and force me to turn it on again. Then it wouldn't turn on again, and I could only get it working by holding the power button for 10 seconds.

    It worked normally for a spell today, during which I attempted a factory reset. It told me I couldn't do one though, for reasons I've forgotten and can't check because now it won't turn on at all. I can get the battery charging icon to appear if I plug it in, it'll even do the Samsung logo bit if I hold power down, but then it goes black again and that's all. Any suggestions? I miss it already :(

    EDIT: I've just unplugged it from the charger, and managed to get it to turn on. Seems to be working normally, but I don't trust it. Any suggestions on how to make it more stable?

    EDIT 2: It says the SD card's damaged (the external one) which my old Desire Z agrees on. Guess I'll try a reformat.

    EDIT 3: Apparently I have to delete my Samsung account to do a factory reset. I don't even know how to do that.

    EDIT 4: It worked for a little while, then I left it unattended and now it's completely dead. No charging icon, no response to the power button. Should I just take it into the shop for a replacement?

  2. MrHowl

    MrHowl Member

    In case anybody has the same issue:

    I took it into the 3 Store where I got it, and they had a look at it. It did technology's typical trick of working again as soon as you take it in for repair, but it soon started acting weird again and so they said they'll do a swap for me tomorrow morning if I take it in with its box and accessories. Good thing I held on to them, I advise anyone else to do the same for a week or two after purchase. End of saga, hopefully. I look forward to rejoining the ranks of those with a working GalNote tomorrow.

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