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  1. Calab

    Calab Well-Known Member

    Having an issue with my Dell Streak that I'm hoping to resolve...

    About the middle of December my Dell Streak started randomly shutting down. When it shuts down, I hear/feel the vibration as it shuts down, so it appears that it thinks that the battery is dead. Even plugged into the charger it will suddenly buzz and shut down.

    - No software/firmware changes recently - except the usually market automatic updates.
    - The phone will show 100% charge and still shut down.
    - I have two batteries. This issue is the same regardless of what battery is installed.
    - I've charged the batteries while in the phone as well as in a seperate desktop charger/dock.
    - I have cleared the battery stats with CM recovery.
    - Battery connectors cleaned, back panel contacts checked.
    - I can toss the phone around, drop it on my desk, etc, and it does not shut down.
    - When the phone shuts down it usually will NOT turn back on right away, even if plugged into the charger.
    - It appears to shut down much more often when in my pants pocket. Sitting on the charging dock, or my desk, it can run for many hours. In my pocket it usually shuts down after 5 minutes or so.

    At this point I'm considering disassembling the phone and trying to bake it ala iphone wifi fix to reflow the solder connections.

    Before I disassemble, I am going to wipe the phone and reflash the firmware... Not sure what version I will try at this point though.

  2. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    Need to know what ROM and kernel and other mods you have installed. The vibrating has nothing to do with battery level. First clear cache partition, dalvik cache and fix permissions in CWM before doing the factory reset to see if that helps
  3. Calab

    Calab Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I flashed a new ROM and there was no difference.

    After a lot of messing around, I discovered that I could always power up if I messed with the battery connector inside.

    After taping a bit of cardboard over the connector the Streak is working normally now.
  4. kronic1968

    kronic1968 New Member


    I give you my experience with my own dell streak.
    I had also a problem of random shutdown when using particularly the GPS.
    I opened the streak with the nice tutorial from the fixit website

    and simply put a lot of thermal compound (for CPU) on the processor part between the component and the metal box to use it like a heat sink.

    up to now, I dont have any random reboot/shutdown.

    I hope it can help you. :)

    best regards
  5. kronic1968

    kronic1968 New Member

  6. barsaiya1

    barsaiya1 Member

    Dear kronic1968,

    Please Help!!!!

    I have dell streak 5 and to remove all previous data i did factory reset by method:
    1. Keep pressed volume key up and down and push start button until the the reset factory options cam.
    2. By selecting erase all data, press camera button to start.

    After that phone starts self restarting after each 10 mins!! What happened is OS is corrupted??
    OR advice if you can help me on this

    Many Thanks!!
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  7. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    Reflash your ROM
  8. barsaiya1

    barsaiya1 Member

    Hi cdzo72,

    Can you tell me please how to reflash ROM; I dont understand technical much will be very thankful if guide me.

  9. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    There are so many forums with the information that you need that I am not going to waste my time telling you how... please do some searching
  10. christmobiles

    christmobiles New Member

    My keep rebooting I have flash it with repair tools no solution when trying to flash fastboot I got error message unable to flash pls help me
  11. cdzo72

    cdzo72 Well-Known Member

    if you have fastboot.errors its becuase proper drivers are not installed or incorrect pathway to.file being.flashed... once again... there are MANY tutorials out there on how to fix these issues

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