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    Hi guys,

    I've been having my text messages fail on me for no apparent reason. It just happens sporadically, and when it happens, it keeps happening for a while.

    There's no issues with reception at the time it happens. I have no clue what could cause it, and I have never been able to pick up on a pattern either.

    I've had it happen here and there before (i'd say 5%-10%) of my msg's but in the last week, it's been doing it for atleast 50% of my outgoing texts.

    I just get a "message not sent" notification every time I try.

    If it helps, I'm currently Undead's ICS Splashed v2.0

    .. but I just dont think it's the rom itself, as I remember experiencing something similar with my Captivate, and if my memory serves correct, it also happened once in a while to my G1.

    But over 50% of sms failing, is just absolutely terrible.

    .. if anyone has any idea how I could resolve this issue, it be greatly appreciated.



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